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Latest Questions

Q. "If you go near Luffy I'll stop you myself! I'm not afraid of you, you monster!"
A. “Are you sure about that?”
 Sep 24th 2021 20:07

Q. "What'd I do to deserve your anger!? I just walk around and go on adventures with my friends! Stop trying to hunt me down!"
A. “Now why would I stop? My dear Chopper you’re a threat. Well….not you but your friends are.”
 Sep 24th 2021 19:11

Latest Comments

Yare Yare daze. You haven't responded to our roleplay in a while.
Oct 3rd 2021 17:50

Good afternoon. Sorry for not messaging you back sooner. I was busy. Im free now though.
Oct 2nd 2021 15:23

You ok?
Sep 26th 2021 21:21