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(Roselyn Moon)
28 / Female / Married
Utah - United States
I like writing stories. I like making friends, mess with my family or friends that I consider family and you won't know what hit you. I am a selective adder especially since I got deleted from this site for something I didn't do. I would like to try again but unless I know you, you only get one chance with me.

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I'm off for the night. See you all this weekend
0  Nov 15th 2019 02:40

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" now now don't play coy with me your a guardian I'm a demon my services to you would be doing what you can't lady Rose "
Nov 14th 2019 23:12

Walks in bowing formally " thank you my lady my name's Sebastian Michaelis an I'm simply just one hell of a butler if your ever in need of my services I'm at your service"
Nov 14th 2019 22:58