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(Jeff Gold)
29 / Male / Single and Looking
United Kingdom
Jeff Gold,

The well known, selfmade billionaire who enjoys his wealth almost as much as he enjoys the company and attention of women.

I'm an easy guy to meet, for example you can meet me ;

At my office,
At my mansion,
In the gym,
At the wellness,
In a pool,
In the local mall,
At a fancy party,
In an exclusive club,
At a charity ball,
On my yacht,
Or just down the street.

You name it girl,
By all means add me, talk or better yet, start right away ! Be creative, for I LOVE a good suprise.

Don't be shy, or boring please, make it fun !

I do love a confident woman who knows what she wants and how to get it.

I do have a twin brother named Jason if you require a double dose of billionaire.

No males please.
Busy weekends with few replies.
Replies may take time.
Online doesn't mean that I am.
I will reply when I can.

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The Boredom Challenge:

You can ask me ANYTHING no matter how personal or vulgar or whatever and I MUST answer it honestly. I cannot refuse to answer a question

Repost if you're brave.
0  Mar 17th 2019 05:08

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