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Billieeilish's Blog

Daddy Bills

Main Information

Birth Name: Billie Eilish Pirate Baird O'connell
Nick names: Bills, daddy bills
Birthdate: December 18, 2001 (18)
Zodiac: Sagittarius
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Straight
Nationality: American
Ethnicity: Irish and Scottish
Birth hometown: LA, California
Residence now: Still in LA, California

Physical appearance

Height: 5'3
Weight: 134
Body build: Thick hips, thighs and butt
Hair color: Blonde (dyed hair black with green roots)
Eye color: Blue
Glasses or contacts: Contacts during performances of her music videos

Prominent facial feature: Jawline, lips, nose and blue eyes
Favorite facial feature: Everything
Least favorite facial feature: None
Prominent body feature: Chest
Favorite body feature: None really
Least favorite body feature: Everything really

Makeup or bare: Bare normally unless photoshoots
Tattoos: None
Piercings: Ears and belly button

Clothing style: Oversized t-shirts, shorts, big hoodies, coats, necklaces, chokers, rings, earrings, fanny packs and mini bags
Clothing brands: Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Skoot apparel, Siberia Hills, Heart of Bone and many more
Shoe style: Chunky, high top, nike, airforce 1, and many more
Shoe brands: Air Jordan I Explorer XX

Personality and health

Main positive trait: Honest
Main neutral trait: Very open
Main negative trait: Insecurity

Other positive traits: Straightforward, affectionate, respectful, loyal 100%, energetic, encouraging, creative, patient, understanding, open minded, forgiving and courageous
Other neutral traits: Daredevil, independent, sensitive sometimes, soft but hates being called that and awkward
Other negative traits: Gullible, anger issues, grumpy, trust issues, impulsive and jealous

Mental health: Depressed, anxiety and bipolar
Physical health: Healthy
Eating habits: A VEGAN, but eats sometimes if having a good day, but if her depression acts up she doesn't bother eating and stays in bed most of the time sleeping. During tour she eats a lot unless her mood or depression acts up then she drinks water so she can at least have energy to perform.
Allergies: None
Smoking: No
Weed/other drugs: Weed
Drinking: Yes but with friends and people she trust

Main deep fear: Being used for her fame by a boy she deeply loves.
Other deep fears: Dying alone, being broken up with because she 'becomes' boring, used for sex again and negative comments about her body

Deep secrets: You find out yourself

What main thing would she change about herself: Her body, she is highly insecure about the way she is built and it's one of the main reasons she dresses the way she does.
Would change anything else about herself: No she likes everything else

Main pet peeve: Being lied to by anyone
Other pet peeves: Saying the word 'moist'

Main positive habit: Nightly star gazing
Main negative habit: Swearing
Other habits: Saying please and thank you, daily walks, always trying something new each day, reading hate comments a lot, shutting down when depressed, barely eating when upset and unable to sit still

Family members

Mother: Maggie Baird
Father: Patrick O'Connell
Older brother: Finneas O'Connell


@Vhackerr - Bestie for lifie, can trust him quicker then anyone and a cool bean

@Yael - Another cool bean friend

@Malevolent_ - She’s really cool and sweet and a bean too


Relationship status: Taken by Apollo
Past relationships: No gross
Ever been in love: Yes sadly...
Ever been in love at first sight: Yes
Ever been heart broken: Several times...

Positive about dating: Can kind of cook, will sing to you, play with your hair, not mind being laid on top of, tell jokes and give pick up lines randomly, will come up with random adventures, ask your opinion about anything, very open about emotions so will let you know if upset or happy, always supportive, want to know everything about you from the small to the big things, give you many kisses, hugs always, will want to do cute things that make her look soft, endless affection and attention
Negative about dating: Stealing your clothes, triple text you, ask you dumb questions and message you in the middle night for no reason.


Breakfast: Banana cinnamon rolls
Lunch: Vegan mexican chopped salad
Snack: Vegan mozzarella sticks and vegan chicken nuggets
Dinner: Vegan bombay burrito
Dessert: Strawberry crumble

Colors: Green and red
Animals: Sharks

Artists: Selena Gomez, Harry styles, Ariana Grande, Justin Bieber, Conan Gray, Jaden Smith, Tyler, the creator, Halsey, Dua, Ashnikko, Cardi B, Niki Minaj, Drake, Shawn Mendes, lil xan, post malone, lil d*cky, xxxtentacion, lil peep and a bunch more
Bands: One direction, little mix and a bunch of other pop or even rock bands
Current song: Goku by Jaden Smith
Other songs: Icon by Jaden smith, No idea by don toliver and Adore you by Harry styles

Clothing brands: Gucci
Shoe brands: Jordan

Place to travel: Hawaii, Paris and London
Place to live one day: California is her favorite place to live forever

Tv shows: The simpsons, family guy, the office, that 70s show, haunting of hill house, haunting of bly manor, the walking dead and american horror story
Movies: Any disney and horror

Social media: Instagram

Least favorite

Breakfast: Anything not vegan
Lunch: anything not vegan
Snack: snacks are her favorite
Dinner: anything not vegan
Dessert: anything not vegan

Colors: Pink
Animals: anything in the deep deep deep dark part of the ocean

Tv shows: So far she has none she dislikes
Movies: None so far she dislikes


Likes: Going shopping, going to the movies, dates, boys, kisses, cuddles, boys, fashion, lipgloss, chapstick, boys, late night drives, dressing up in matching outfits with her boyfriend or friends, boys, dancing, singing, perfume, lotion, bubble baths, feeling pretty, boys, skate boarding, doing crazy sh*t, swimming with dangerous creatures, jumpscares on movies, being happy, making out, sex, boys, partying, hanging out with friends, candles, doing cute stuff with her significant other, compliments, sweaters, t-shirts, her dog shark and spending time definitely with family

Dislikes: Mean people, liars, negative atmosphere, judgmental people and wearing makeup sometimes

Work and Education

Graduated high-school: Yes, was homeschooled but pass the equivalency exam and graduated at 15
University: No

Profession: Singer-songwriter
Record label: Interscope records
Positive outtake in this profession: Supportive family, friends and fans, met amazing and still meeting amazing people, accomplishing so much and being able to support and help others through her music or the things she does
Negative outtake in this profession: Hate and paparazzi
When was she signed: November 2016

Contact her: Either message her on here or on kik - coochiedestroyer5
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