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21 / Female / Forever Alone
Colorado - United Kingdom
Hello there!

I'm not new to the site, please don't be afraid to hit me up, I would love to start a rp any time at all. If we ever start one and your bored, do let me know I hate being ghosted because you have writers block. I get it myself, so I understand the struggle.

I will be uploading my Bios for my OC's, please let me know if there would be a preference for the rp.

If were ever doing a N*FW, you will not find the info on the bio, you will have to ask for that information yourself before we start.


1. You add first, then you message first, I will do the same!

2. No spamming for replies unless you want to be blocked, Be patient as will I, I know we all have lives and I'm not on all the time.^^

3. Don't be rude, or I will be the biggest b****

4. Do let me know if I need to improve anything, I just want to improve my writing.

5. No one liners, their so boring, try at least three lines and were good.

6. Don't be dry, put some effort into your writing, I want to see what your mind can create, details are everything!

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