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Beryn's Blog

Trick or treat.

He points to Zhao who he should choose. Many are people with very poor background, low rank, others are his people. He asks Maehwi if he wishes to serve the king as bard too. Naturally, they won't be staying there but in a secret location to be safe from XinLan. The place is in Nortrig but Beryn doesn't reveal where they are, not even what continent.
Beryn has everyone covering their eyes, then teleports them all. When he lets them uncover them, they find themselves by the ruins of what might look like an old fortress. It has a fine design but nature took over it from outside.
He leads the way, opening the wide doors. The place is dark, a bit cold. The first floor is by now an empty library, in the middle of the wide room, stairs. "Light the fireplaces and prepare immediately the rooms for the king and his people, then clean the rest of the place."
He approaches Chan and Zhao. "I will return to Xingxi, the situation is too delicate there. I need to monitor things closely. Your Highness." He looks at Chan. "Take here your WooPil if you like, but no one else. Don't even mention anything about this place, not the slightest information, we can't afford mistakes." He moves his gaze on the stairs. "You might find strange objects, they are harmless but still magical. For any doubt or problem, contact me immediately." He hands Chan a necklace. "Write me in korean only."
Beryn leaves them eventually and eventually they are able to settle a little. They have supplies, cleaning products and stuff for beds.
The place, regardless being full of people, gives them a sense of emptiness.
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They are soon summoned, but by Minister Zhang, not the King, as expected.
"Minister. I heard of the news and I'm here to help."
"News of what..." Minister Zhang looks very suspicious.
"The death of the king, of course..."
The other man is shocked. "How do you! What are you really up to? Sabotage Xingxi?"
"It is as I said. I am here to help avoid a civil war for the throne. With a worthy, rightful heir."
"The King had no relatives known to be alive. There are no tracks anymore of princes WuXing and Zuo."
Beryn shakes his head slightly. "Not them, indeed. I'm talking about Qiu Zhao."
His eyes widen. "The prince died more than a year ago! The killer got rid of his body in the forests!"
"I can guarantee he is alive, but can we count on your cooperation?"
"If you have prince Zhao in your hands, you most certainly can count on me."
"Start the preparations for the crowning and give the announcement."

Some time after, they take Flesh and Chan to the king's quarters. They are free to do as they want, even take WooPil there. Meanwhile, preparations for the funeral and Master Beryn...marking his territory.
Zhao is very down, it doesn't feel good to be back...lots of memories, mostly bad ones. He is not saying anything, not being of company, he could explore the beautiful quarters but hasn't much will.

Eventually Beryn returns to them. Of course his purpose is beyond avoiding the civil war, there is also his own gain. It is a risky investment and he is well aware, but it can bring to so many advantages, should it work. He is calling there lots of his people, wanting to know everything. The situation is still too delicate. Naturally Minister Zhang is suspicious of him and he is kinda right.
He wants to be close to the boys, become their friend, earn their trust. He looks at what each of them is doing and first of all, he gives some words of comfort to Zhao. " are doing the right thing. I won't leave your side, you can always count on me for anything."
Done that, he approaches the others.
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Caught rat

He and Maehwi go where Chan and the others are staying. He is eager to meet Flesh, counting every minute; he asks Chan to tell them to return, since the matter is urgent.
Flesh returns with the others, being pretty thoughtless and satisfied after the time outside. Beryn approaches him right away, though. "Could we talk? It is an extremely important matter."
Flesh is anxious but nods. "Alright...whatever you need..."
"I would prefer to discuss it privately or with who you deem trustworthy only."

Beryn sits by the table, Flesh in front of him. Chan and WooPil can be by his side.
"I have to begin with a bad news. The king of Xingxi is dead."
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God of Contracts.

Today 26/11, in Lianxi, between:

Lord Beryn, resident in Lianxi, ID badge 4, Magic and Mystery shop keeper and Merchant Crew Master.
- Employer


Lord Maehwi, resident in Lianxi, ID badge 578.
- Employee

1. Effective date

1. The employee is hired on permanent contract.

2. Task

1. The employee is hired with qualification of merchant.
2. In particular, the employee will have to: travel to different feuds and nations, sell products, exchange products, defend his own products.
3. At the end of the trial, the Employer will be allowed to give different tasks in respect of Lianxi law.

3. Workplace
1. The main workplaces will be by the stands of the merchants crew and the shop.

4. Work
1. The employee will decide work time and places to go to.
2. The employee will report two times a week.
3. The employee will immediately report in case of sudden accidents.
4. In case of accidents during work, for external causes such as undeads, bandits, wild animals, etc, the Employer won't be responsable.

4. Rights
1. The Employer will provide housing for the employee.
2. The employee will receive food according to Lianxi's laws.
3. The Employer will provide with immediate medical assistance.

Payment per week: 200 pebbles.
Total per month: 800 pebbles.

Employer signature:

Employee signature:
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BetaTest completed.

Official name, what everyone call him: Master Beryn.
Actual name: Im Tiao.
Age: mystery. (30-40)
Elements: Void and Death.
Occupation: Shop Keeper.
Actual occupation: Merchants manager, economy expert.
Description: He has long, blue-green hair he always keeps tied in a long ponytail, he is tall, a nice build, L, his eyes are pale pink.

- He never brings money with him.
- He is extremely resourceful.
- He brought Lianxi to be the first feud in trade, in the south.
- He has been around for more than Shige can remember.
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