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18 / Male / Single
Royal Leamington Spa, United Kingdom
"I know we can make it better than it ever was, I know we can make it better".

(So a Heads up I don't rp Bendy exactly the same as he's seen in the game because the one I rp as isn't the same Bendy as the original, they are the same in the fact they are both Bendy, but two separate beings. Usually I can do semi, para or multi-para rps, I'm very shy so if I don't message first I'm sorry, my anxiety makes me feel like I'm bothering people and that I bore them, thank you all for taking the time to read this, I hope to roleplay soon Oh and I thought I would add in I'm not just looking for other BATIM characters, everyone is welcome, I love putting Bendy in other situations that are 'alien' to him like crossovers are welcome to, I like to focus on developing his personality, and how he feels in situations, that bio is only a rough outline of his personality).


Bendy a two foot tall demon, in white gloves, a pale face and forked tail as well as a lighter inky forked tongue, under his white gloves he has clawed hands with white pads on the palms on his clawed hands, under his shoes he has clawed paws, which have white pads under them, he has the ability to remove his gloves and shoes but rarely does, he adorns a white bow tie at the top of his chest.


This Bendy was born in secret from the Ink Machine, born with the ability to speak, think and understand, this two foot Demon is very curious, he's mischievous but also full of fear, afraid of almost anyone else especially if they are much taller than him, one fatal flaw of Bendy is that when ever he get's overwhelmed with any negative emotion's his Inky body begins to melt and form into a tall skinny Ink demon much like the original Bendy made he would also have a much longer skinnier tail, even though he can still think and talk his voice sounds rather harsh and deep in this form, because of this he was also discarded, abandoned like most of the others, he wondered the halls of the abandoned studio, full of fear and loneliness. Most times he can be seen snuggling toys of the other Cartoon characters, or can's of Bacon soup, sometimes he can be heard talking to himself, or talking to the dead body of the Boris clone's. He usually imagines friends for himself so he isn't so lonely.

Bendy is terrified of the Ink feeling it might take him if he touches it. For that reason he never lets himself use the Ink much like Bendy and Sammy do, to move around the Studio. He's fearful of other's living in the abandoned studio, he hides anywhere he can find, but hates being anywhere low down just encase, when he rests he finds high up places, most don't ever sleep in the dark depths of the studio.

Bendy has seen the original Bendy wonder around the studio, although he has a sense of familiarity to the other being he still wouldn't let himself been seen by the other. Though he has no idea if that would actually cause him harm there was always that sense of panic there, The small Demon seems to enjoy talking to toy's other dead cartoon's and anything else he can find, always scared that he would slowly be driven insane by the same walls that surrounded him.

notably he enjoys dancing, mostly tap dancing, and will usually tap dance in secret, he also enjoys wearing a Tutu sometimes when he dances, Of course he doesn't really know that all human's look different he assumes all humans look like Joey, as that's the only human he has ever seen before he got locked away, but if he ever saw a human he would display curiosity and would probably follow and watch them from a distance before ever making himself known, he would make sure they weren't a threat first.

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