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16 / Female / In a Relationship
South Dakota - United States
Well, there isn't much to know, but here are some basics.

I really am 16, I love to draw, sing, read, cuddle, write, play softball and roleplay.

I am normally shy, but once I've talked to you I'll warm up (probably even be annoying) I am bi and also a little

I am open to almost anything, just ask first.

NO ROLEPLAY RIGHT AWAY!! I want to plan and talk things before just jumping into it.

And I'm not always on here cause of school, if you want an easier way to contact me, I will give out my hangouts or email (maybe fb if I trust you).

If you read all of this, message me saying PANDICORN and you may even get a shoutout >o<

Have a good day~~

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I kiss you as we roll over in bed
thank you for loving me
Mar 31st 2019 09:04