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(Tyler Adams)
22 / Male / In Love
Iowa - United States
   Tyler Adams

     Love of my life; @Lilma

   I can be your superhero baby

     “When you see something beautiful in someone, tell them. It may take seconds to say, but for them, it could last a lifetime.”

Latest Questions

LilMa asked the question
Q. Date me.
A. Okay baby
 Feb 27th 2019 09:07

LilMa asked the question
Q. Mwahhhhh ❤️
A. Baby you mean the absolute world to me
 Feb 27th 2019 09:01

Latest Comments

I love you too baby
Apr 2nd 2019 07:25

I love you so much baby
Mar 20th 2019 20:29

my hubbyyyyyy
Mar 18th 2019 13:02

I love you too
Mar 9th 2019 19:25

Mar 6th 2019 08:31

I love youuuu
Mar 2nd 2019 10:51

I changed it
Feb 28th 2019 20:44

You said you were gonna put yours as ‘in a relationship’ and never did I’m waiting for you to do it so I can too
Feb 28th 2019 20:10

Come upstairs
Feb 27th 2019 08:16

hi daddy
Feb 27th 2019 06:49