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(Maddison Valentina ( left ) Ivy Terra (right ) )
25 / Female / Single
Roma , Italy
Maddison Valentina ( left ) and ivy terra (right )


Info: Maddison and ivy are Italian rich girl family there family being mobs in Europe aren’t someone to mess with there security is like fortress guarding wealthy family taken light girls are always in protection especially bodyguard they do have time to make success , Maddison had a father then died due to being weak against the enemy , her mother marrying her enemy when it comes to family business her step-father and stepbrother take over business being consultant wanting to take over the business , madison work in the office for family business , ivy is just normal Italian rich girl being friends with Maddison when she grieving with her friends for losing her father . Ivy knows best not to mess with Maddison family or being caught up with drama those two have inseparable ever since they were best friend ivy work as bar tender mixing drinks both of them are looking for fun.

Personality: kind , tough , smart, sweet

Hobbies: tasting alcohol , swimming , hiking , sightseeing, meditation, kickboxing, parties , sleep

18 + real life mafia and romance light mature theme hugs, cuddles kisses etc.

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