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32 / Male / Married
Massachusetts - United States
[[ Status ]]: Offline / work all nighter
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Just looking for casual roleplaying partners. Nothing too committed, my primary focus goes to work and my wife. I'm just getting used to this website but I used to roleplay on chat forums and Tumblr. I roleplayed for 12 years with many different fandoms.

I'm not a picky partner. I do have some boundaries, but I encourage that we communicate them and that we discuss yours respectfully.

I prefer literate plays, but I don't really mind the length. Single paragraph, mutli para, novellas, all are fine with me. Just let me know what your expectations are and I'll communicate my response time.

I main Dirk Strider from Homestuck. I can play him multi-universe, across fandoms, most any scenario, and almost all themes. However I do have other canon characters I can play along with an OC. I'll add more as I get used to this website and have more requests for plays. Check out the blog for more.

I now have a discord. DM me first and let's talk a bit before we consider moving over.

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