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Beastfolk's Blog

J-8 - Agumented for hire

Name:J-8, "Jay"
Race:Augumented Inumimi
Elemental Aspect:Earth

Bones reinforced by a titanite alloy. Artificial muscles interwoven with chemical compounds and constantly regenerated with the help of a fully integrated nanite latice. Prosthetic hands and legs designed to deliver enough grip to crush a skull, with Pneumatic enhancements allowing them to tear through up to two feet of solid steel when biogenetic inhibitors are off. Chemically castrated and cranially modified-for the safety of the citizens, of course.
J-8 is going through a time of readjustment. She was born in no mans land-a rundown, polluted and dangerous ring around the city where scum, refugees, bums and other societal unfortunates clung to the edge of civilization like bacteria on a doorknob. It took her parents 8 months after she was born to sign her over to the nice man from the government. He insisted that there wouldn't be any unfortunate incidents like in the past. The MYRMIDON augumentation process, a further refinement of its predecessors JAVELINER and HOPLITE, Had a mortality rate of just 6%-They could rest soundly at night, safe in the knowledge that within a reasonable margin, their daughter wasn't rotting at the bottom of a mass grave. The pension they were provided by the government has enabled them to live a comfortable life to this day.

J-8 was trained, modified, and made into the perfect soldier for her country. To respond to growing unrest within the homeland she was part of a detail of augs that were to assist law enforcement with domestic matters-J-8 has a long and disturbingly efficient record of supressed riots, extracted HVT's and unreckognizable bodies. In addition to her devestating fists, She's been trained to various degrees of competence with a wide variety of firearms. melee weaponry is usually not necessary. In times of need her biological inhibitors can be turned off, trippling her strength and increasing her mass, though this form is not sustainable. Prolonged use, longer than 15 minutes at a time without a considerable resting period within uses, will most likely produce enough cardiac strain to kill her.

When the Augumented being emancipation act of 198X was passed, J-8 suddenly found herself in possession of something potent-her own freedom. Of course there was only so much she got-they also turned her out penniless, homeless, and jobless. To hopefully avoid turning an entire lost generation of genetically superior soldiers into disaffected agitators and criminals, however, the government was quick to offer them freelancing work-so thats what J-8 had become. a Freelancer. She's on the road most of the time these days, traveling from place to place and picking up the jobs that the police deem unglamorous enough to not want to touch with a 10 foot pole. It suits her, though-the blood flows, the cash gets put in her hand. Simple as.
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Gawain, Punished Samurai

Elemental aspect:Lightning

Gawain is a man living on borrowed time, but that doesn't bother him. He doesn't have the sort of background you'd expect from a criminal:he was raised in a well off family, got good grades in school (God, how long ago THAT was) And spent his young adulthood studying law in hopes of being, as his mother always put it, a "Big shot district attorney". Gawain hasn't Spoken to her in 30 years.

Gawain got a little rowdy in his youth-but it was the kind of rowdy that completely changes your direction. Maybe he gambled a little to much. Maybe he'd rather take on debts from loan sharks than dip into his families fortune and let them find out how bad things had really gotten. And maybe-just maybe, because he wouldn't admit to a single bit of this-Those loan sharks thought he could do an awful lot of good for the local crime family. Gawain was always athletic, and boxed for the fun of it. He just may have been called upon to break some legs for the family. As Gawain tends to say, so it goes.

Gawain eventually got that job as a big shot DA. Settled down, cleaned up on the gambling and decided to have a family. And for 10 years, Gawain was pretty happy. But the underworld has a funny way of remembering things. Despite Gawains work to put things behind him, he'd only replaced his debt with another one-and crime families have a long, long memory. Debts were paid in blood, and Gawain fled the country a broken, husk of a man who couldn't even tell you why he still drew breath.

Life, after his loss, seemed aimless. Years passed and Gawain hadn't known where he was going. His money was considerable and kept him afloat during this directionless period, buying all the smokes and vending machine food he'd need. It wasn't long before Gawain met a blind woman, bumping into her on the way home from the corner store, spilling the contents of her bag on the sidewalk. He offered to help her walk home and found out something pretty interesting-This blind woman was a swordsmith.

There was something captivating about the swords to him-he asked the smith if he could purchase one. She sensed something within him and gave it to Gawain for free-Along with some weapons. Gawain hadn't forgotten how to fight, but the sword was new to him, yet it felt so potent and right in his hands. he sought out those that could teach him more, traveling all over the east, spending decades on his newfound passion.

Incidentally, his most recent teacher taught him the most important lesson of all. Three decades of training passed, each day spent honing his deadly skills. Gawain was beginning to doubt that he could learn anything from his masters anymore. As he turned to leave his mentors dojo, he cought a foot in the back of the head, forcing him down to the floor-he was going to scrub it clean in repayment. He was to make it spotless.

And now Gawains returned. getting a collection of swords through customs must have been hell but he's returned to his hometown and he's more than ready to rectify the failings of the world around him. Killing those responsible for his downfall isn't going to be enough to satiate him. The whole city is consumed by its own vice and violence, and not a person to be found-just predators and their prey. Gawain isn't going to stop until its spotless.
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Pixel and Tessa-Twin AI

Race:Synthetic lifeform
Elemental aspect:Light

Pixel and Tessa are twin models produced to serve as research assistants and personal companions. Designed with a comforting exterior in mind, while remaining easily distinguishable from biologicals at a glance, they operate on a seemingly archaic ball-joint chassis-by default this is locked to a human frame of motion but they are physically capable of full rotation and contortion in any direction.

Their AI is quite advanced, though a closely guarded proprietary secret of their now dissapeared creator. It is referred to as "Copycat" AI, able to pick up on social cues and behaviors from biological beings and reproduce them when a proper context comes from it, learning how to feel and respond from situation to situation and mirroring the actions of those they are around. After their seperation, the two AI have been exposed to vastly different circumstances:Pixel has become warm, innocent and easily scared while Tess can be slightly harsher and more assertive, displaying more bravery.

Pixel and Tessa both suffer several glitches, however, and these models are prone to overheating, memory corruption, and freezing/stuttering at inopprotune moments. Please ignore any rumors you may have heard about alternate personalities being coded into them.

Keywords:Robotic, Male/Female, Non-combatant, Science fiction

(This is roughly based off an OC by the esteemable cakecatboy, check out her stuff if you like Pixel.)
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Konna, Wanderlust boy

Elemental Aspect:Fire

Konna is an ambitious young man. Raised in a Nomadic tribe that dwells to the north, its readily apparent from the way his eyes flit from place to place that he's inheireted the curios wanderlust that permeates his culture. Each mountain pass and snowy plain holds the possibility for discovery for him-and more often than not that promise rings true thanks to the strange beasts and forgotten structures that dot his roaming grounds.

One such ruin, auspiciously, held an item that now serves as great import to Konna, even if he does not understand it. Pythagoras (its real name is lost to time-this is merely how Konna refers to it) is a device of unknown origin or purpose, a simple, black sphere that floats about, Either following or carried by Konna himself-it can shrink to the size of a childs fist but must be in its full size to be used. Through a sort of innate understanding, Konna is able to use Pythagoras to channel magical energies, basically casting spells using Pythagoras as a Proxy and mana reserve (It is for this reason he is technically considered a Summoner.)

Konna is highly adventerous and inquisitive, and nearly of age-it'd be rather easy to convince him to leave his tribe behind for a while to journey beyond their lands and see the places he's heard tales of. He does intend to return one day-what good is a story of adventure if you can't tell it to your own mother? On the road, he regularly recieves letters from back home and writes back-The tracking hawks used for delivery by his culture are unerringly and perhaps disturbingly skilled at getting a letter to its intended recipitent.

Keywords:Innocent, Adventurer, Magical, Kenomimi, OCverse/Verse adaptable
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