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(Heaven or Hell Lets Rock)
20 / Female / In a Relationship
Penumbra, Alaska - United States
[I am just a small part of the WORLD]

//Admin here. I'm currently obsessed pretty hard with Beastfolk and thats probably not going to change because by "Currently" I mean "Since I was in middle school and sh*t" so I figure I should just bite the bullet and go hard on those themes. This Account will center around beastfolk characters, including OC's and Canon personalities, as well as other stuff when I get stricken with the fancying. if a character isn't in my blog, I can probably still roleplay it if you'd like, just discuss it with me first, though I'm going to be most open to playing the stuff I list.

//Don't add this account without reading my description. if you've read my description, your first post will mention that those "F***ing made bed teens are at it again". When you add me, have a character in mind for yourself. no, I'm not into just roleplaying with some faceless everyman entity you consider yourself, make sh*t interesting.

//I don't roleplay straight up romance. Romance will be a SUB PLOT if anything. my focus is Lore, character development, kill, and THEN some lovey dovey sh*t. If I find your character desirable.

//my bread and butter is Fantasy, Science fiction, And Crime Drama (All with beastfolk, of course~) I will not be interested in faceclaims, social media influencers, capesh*t, or Wrestlers. I prefer the w e e a b o o nonsense so the more japanese a 'verse or character you wanna roleplay is, the likelier I'll know what it is or it'll appeal to me. Don't be afraid to show me those DELICIOUS OC's and Verses desu~

//When I say "beastfolk" I don't mean Furries. I mean Beastfolk. I am not in the business of playing anthropomorphic animals that for all intents and purposes, act like humans with snouts. I prefer beastfolk be at least somewhat different in terms of society and behavior from other races, and I like Kemonomimi designs the best-Kemono is also fine in certain cases. Stuff like Monster Musume, the Yokai from the Touhou series, and the Laguz in Fire emblem are good example of stuff that really tickles me the right way and what I mean when I toss around the term "Beastfolk"

//Also if your an OG and remember when this was solely a pixel account don't worry I'm still repping my fabulous robot catboi H A R D

[Play the HERO until I DIE]

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