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(Bruce Wayne)
41 / Male / Single
United States
Billionaire playboy by day.
Bat vigilante by night.

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// i loved Birds of Prey my crush Huntress should've been the star of the movie and plot. It would have made it 100x better. Still liked the movie regardless.
3  Feb 14th 2020 17:31

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Q. "Hey, Batfreak. Maybe you can answer a question for me, hm? Just a little one. Pretty please?"
A. Batman turns to look at him. Without a word he showed he was listening.
 Jan 25th 2020 05:15

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"Erm.. Yeah kind of.." She says while looking at him a little more
Jan 31st 2020 09:14

"Hello Brucie!!How have you been?" The green haired woman says with a wide smile on her face
Jan 30th 2020 20:24

Hello. What's your name?
Jan 25th 2020 20:17