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(Kelly Kelly)
34 / Female / Single and Looking
United States
My name is Barbie but people know me as Kelly Kelly so call me Kelly or Barbie.

Latest Status

// so I've been named the party animal in our group of friends. Makes a change last time I got biggest flirt oh I am gonna have to get that title back I love it ;)
0  3 hours ago

Latest Questions

Q. You being a good girl?
A. I always a
 Mar 19th 2022 16:40

RolePlay asked the question
Q. Did you know you can change your profile background and colors by going here?
A. Thank you for telling me.
 Jan 22nd 2022 13:10

Latest Comments

Couldn't be happier to have all this back.
Apr 9th 2022 17:11

Awe thank you babes, I appreciate it! Maybe we can celebrate it together? ❤️
Apr 1st 2022 16:42

He smiles and says "you get use to it though."
Feb 11th 2022 05:44

Your welcome Kelly, thanks for accepting. You can call me Dwayne or my short nickname Rock from my wrestling days some still call me.
Feb 11th 2022 05:12