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(Ichigo Kurosaki)
23 / Male / Its Complicated
Tennessee - United States
Not the first time on this site and for this verse, with Bleach coming back I hope to see more people wanting to roleplay this verse again. This account is OC friendly I really don't care if you play canon, or OC, just pick whichever you'd like to do.

Really looking for a Rukia always shipped Ichigo x Rukia.

No one liners please.

May include some potential triggering themes, please let me know your limits! Some that may be included but not limited to: 420, death, gore.. Those are what I normally include, if you want more I'm open for discussion.

I have my relationship on complicated because I'm poly.

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I knew this double date was gonna be a bad idea.
2  Nov 16th 2020 11:17

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