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(Mermaid Gang)
22 / Female / Single
Illinois - United States

Latest Questions

Q. Oh hi! How are ya?
A. I've been.. better! Recovering from a prolonged wave of depression!
 Aug 13th 2020 18:15

Q. You ok?
A. Yes. I had taken time for my birthday and now I am working more days at work which wears me out and gives me less time and less motivation to write.
 Jun 30th 2020 01:35

Latest Comments

Hey I hope you’re okay
Jun 29th 2020 16:55

Hope we can rp.
Jun 20th 2020 16:38

//Thanks for the add id love to write sometime soon and I hope you have a great day. Dms are open and character list is in my blogs.
Jun 20th 2020 08:13