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20 / Male / In a Relationship
None of your buisness, New York - United States


Hey there little peaches, the name is Dally. Definitely not my first time on this site, but I decided I wanted a fresh start. Please take a look at my rules below, I won’t accept a request without a response.

I love darker themes, slice of life, fantasy, drama, and action. I do ask that you help contribute to the rp though, as it keeps the plot going. 18+ plus is okay, but absolutely NO MINORS.

Don’t be afraid to send me a message. I always like making new friends too, so my discord is available per request. Life happens and sometimes I’ll be taking a break from this site. I’ll try to alert you when I need a break.

Anyways, take a look at the characters and plots down below. New characters come around every now and then.

I am FTM trans, and I won’t tolerate those who don’t accept it, or chose to tell me that it’s fake. Sorry, but not sorry.

Have a great day little peach