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(кαякαłιçιφμ$ δэƒэηιτιφη)
17 / Other / Single and Looking
Mayaguez, Puerto Rico
hello! i am a 17 year old puerto rican using their 3ds to access this website.
i am constantly looking for new friends and rp partners,
i like bnha, homestuck, hamilton, and,,, uh,, i guess that's about it at the moment lol
if you ever wanna rp just pm me
honestly never be afraid to ask cause i'm up for almost anything. i'm pretty open when it comes to other fandoms as long as you can describe your character
if i like,, ghost you, i probably just forgot to reply. im not good at remembering anything so just message me to remind me and hopefully ill reply!
feel free to message me if you have any questions! :)

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