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(Rin Sakigami)
18 / Female / Forever Alone
United Kingdom
I’m not new to roleplaying but I consider myself a novice in role playing etiquette... So please bare with me. I enjoy coming up with role plays and plots but I also enjoy fandom role play.
My older sister is the one who got me on here, we’re... really close.... >.> *cough* anyways yeah. Her name is Gigi idk what her user is though. Oh and my name is Erin but I go by Rin for short. *Update! I found her user it’s @gelsybelsy *
My role plays tend to vary by my mood and same goes with my Oc’s. Lately I’ve been very into Nekos and Yandere types of characters. Not sure why. Also I’m okay with sm*t and N.S.F.W. :3
I’ll try to update this profile and make it better eventually.

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Thanks for accepting hope to Roleplay with you soon
Jan 15th 2020 02:38