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(Harvi (Arvi))
17 / Female / Single
Midwestern Corn Field, Illinois - United States
Hi, names Harvi, Arvi for short. I've been on this Hellsite on and off for 4 years. Luckily I've developed a taste for my Rp's so I'm gonna lay some rules down.
=Mature themes(dr#gs, viol#nce) I don't really care.
=No s#x scenes. Flat out no. Gross
=I don't care if your a man, or a woman. I have a character for ever straight arrow and honking homo out there.
=Don't. Come to my inbox only looking to chat please. I will give you my discord tag so we can chat on there but I'm really looking to hone in my writing skills on here.
=Speaking of discord if you think the interface will work better I'm 300% willing to move there.
=I'm not asking for perfection just decent grammar and punctuation please.
=Please no "*" in our Rp.
=Minimum of 4 sentences per reply.
=I have the right to deny any Rp I am uncomfortable with.

Alright thank you for making it this far. I'm very excited to Rp with you guys!! Message me a y time because I never sleep!