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Jason hummed to himself as he fiddled with a little device in his hands. "Tch. Really? She thought this was a f*cking bomb? This thing wouldn't blow sh*t. This thing couldn't even be a detonator..." He huffed and shook his head.
0  Apr 8th 2021 22:51

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A. "Tch...Yeah. This isn't my first time around here." JD waved his hand dismissively.
 Mar 4th 2021 14:53

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Feng Min gave pause just as she was about to insert the cigarette between her lips. She looks at him in surprise. Then bursts into laughter. "You blew self up?! Pffffffft! Hehehehe, by accident or-..?" Callous much, Feng? Her laughter dies out and she shakes her head. "Maybe you like me. Good ol Grim Reaper has way of slacking around here."
Mar 22nd 2021 13:43

Any normal person would've cast an odd look in his direction or dismissed his humor. Feng Min just snorts. "Back from dead, eh?" Hah. If that ain't relatable. Her bronze optics watch him closely, still very much mistrustful. 'Friend.' In a dog-eat-dog world where only the strong survive? We'll see. Having nothing really to lose, she'd shrug and reach out to pluck a stick from the carton. "How'd you go out J.D?"
Mar 16th 2021 19:29

At first glance she could tell. Something was off about this guy. It wasn't the odd smells, no. It was his eyes, which are said to be a window into the soul. There was a predatory gleam in them. She'd seen it countless times before, in the monsters that hunt her. But he didn't seem bound by a higher power like the rest, like her. He probably acted of his own volition, which made him that more dangerous. She already didn't like him. "It fine." She wasn't a social butterfly by any means, but recently boredom caused her to start reaching out. Always being alone guaranteed one's safety sure, but damn did it get lonely. She just wasn't expecting to find another killer so soon. Damn her luck too. "I Feng Min. What bring you to fog?"
Mar 5th 2021 17:23