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(Blaire Forsyth)
21 / Female / Single and Looking

I guess it’s nice to have some admirers around here. I’m open to most ideas so feel free to approach. Though, I will say I can be very selective so no hard feelings if I don’t accept you.

Until then, have a look around and hopefully you’ll find something you like.

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//Omg how do I have work in 30 minutes.
0 sleep, chest pain
Let’s gooooo
1  10 minutes ago

Latest Questions

Q. “Baaabe? I saw this by”Outdoor Movie” for the weekend. I bought us tickets if…you want to see it with me~” ❤️
A. “Haha! OMG I would love to! I’ll pick you up at 7?”
 Jan 27th 2023 04:07

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“Hey you…wanted to say I love you…that was all~” ❤️
Jan 25th 2023 07:00