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vast dark powers v
able to go from his realm to the earth's realm and take entities from his realm to earth as well. and etc. ( hard to explain vast dark powers?? ) so this is a whole lot of things.

teleportation v
able to teleport around freely, as well as teleport you very very far if wished.

apportation v
able to teleport any object to his possession if needed.

possession v
able to possess a person, or many people at once. can also possess animals.

reality-warping v
able to change reality to you. this also includes making a house 'one'. lets say, you have you and your friends house. you walk through your bathroom door, but end up in your friends living room? like the houses are connected. he can do that.

regeneration v
he can regenerate wounds. anything that isn't a intense destruction to the spine, heart and head he can heal from. if the spine, heart, or head is immensely damaged, he will leave the body to let it die. ( or heal if he has been in it long enough like he has been in evan. though sometimes he f***s out the body too when he's in a lot of pain because he doesn't like to feel human pain! ) anything else will heal perfectly, even severed limbs.

supernatural strength v
even inside a human shell, he is able show superb strength. so be careful.

telepathic perception v
able to sense what you think. it's not exactly telepathy, but he can indeed sense what you will do, and maybe say.

technokinesis v
able to manipulate machines from afar.

combat prowess v
skilled in fighting, this also includes evan considering he's the one who knows the most combat techniques.

electrokinesis v
can control electricity. he cannot form it but he can control it.

deceit v
a good liar, manipulator.

supernatural endurance v
can't be taken out of a shell by any ritual, can't be locked away, only way to get him out a shell is by making some deal (maybe begging, kissing his feet) or to fatally damage the shell, which would just be killing the poor human he's using. he also cannot die by anything but one thing, and even then he won't stay in a body long enough to have that happen. and well, that one thing is in his possession.

immortality v
can't die.

torture methodology v
knows how to torture people, and make them cry even if they are tough.

time travel v
able to time travel. simple really.

supernatural speed v
fast. able to run faster than a normal human could. though he won't be as fast as a olypmpian runner, he will be faster than a standard humans fast running speed. even one that exercises and goes to the gym. he'll catch up. and if he doesn't, he wants you to get away. also keep in mind he can teleport.

murdering skills v
knows how to kill people well.

will add more if i remember.
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:D . . . VIDEOS

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. takes the identity of whatever shell he possesses, but he doesn't really care. he doesn't have a gender outside of the shell. he/it/they/she/HABIT is fine as pronouns, though usually people use what his shell presents as! and he usually does to

. evan's body is 5'3. /srs. habit is 5'3 then in the body.

. he also has another form where hes like this huge lizard/snake with hands upfront and human like yellow teeth, purple flesh, yellow 'bunny' ears and many eyes all over. can be huge, can be small. not like he'd show you his true form often anyways though. (see his other true form somewhere below)

. evan is gay and a demiboy, and HABIT is demi-bi agender :3
evan uses he/they/it and HABIT will use what the body does, as stated above. but it/they/HABIT when outside of the shell. ( but doesnt rlly give a f*** if u use he/she on him lol

. been alive since cain slain abel in biblical times. a dangerous force, compiled of humanities bad habits and evilness. unkillable, and there's no known way to lock him away or stop him besides killing the shell if able. even then, he will easily find another. possession isn't a fight for power. all the power goes right to habit. just so happens he enjoys to take his time if available.

. born from the blood and tears of cain. the first murderer.

. has been stalking and tormenting evan since he was a kid ever since the fairmount incident. had responded only to HABIT and killed a young nurse and a warren of rabbits. calls a lot of people bunny, rabbits, or rabbit related names.

. funny thing, despite him being a demonic entity, he suffers dealing with emotions within human shells. yk. hormones and shiet. despises it but usually he doesn't let it get to him.

. in a human shell he often has to behave like one. he has to feed it, go to the bathroom, sleep, clean and keep healthy. pretty keen on his physical appearance and often works out. evan is one of his favorite shells.

. habit can possess multiple people at once. he also can leave evan to go into an animal or any other person with ease. there is no fight and exorcisms are impossible. overpowered, yes, but he has been a age old demon, old as adam and eve. when he leaves evan, he is able to be invisible, or take his true form which is a huge purple wolf, slightly humanoid muscles, almost like a werewolf and many eyes. two tails with points and a weirdly shaped tongue. often does not show people his true form and would avoid questions about it. kinda like seeing him naked? he also can take a dust like dorm when possessing someone. usually just mistaken for dust. once possessed can also lay dormant in a shell until ready to possess again.

. caused huge major incidents such as causing many serial killers to do what they do as well as mass murders and horrific incidents.

. the longer he is in a shell, the longer he can manipulate it. extra speed, strength agility, all the scents heightened, he even could sprout his spider legs from his true form out his back. though due to the human shell it would indeed hurt and yes, he'd have to heal. he can make it faster, but it'd take about 10 minutes to heal something of that size. ( for something as serious of having legs cut off, he'd usually take about 20-30 mins to heal). he also can manipulate his teeth and nails.

. cheeky a**hole. literally a silly evil. but just because he's silly doesn't mean he won't absolutely destroy you, he is an expert at knowing people, getting under their skin. habit knows you.

. often makes noises, even in his shell. like growling, chuffing and other noises. like a wolf. can also crawl on all hands and feet, usually does this when he's really excited or happy about something. purrs sometimes even, might even bite you.
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1. treat me like you would like to be treated, please. if you don't want to be yelled at, don't yell at me. if you don't want to be treated bad, don't treat me bad. i'm autistic and my interpretation of things is different, especially tone. please be gentle with me.

2. do not rush me for replies. i know you would love a reply every hour, every day even but i have a life outside of this site that i just came back to. i have a job, and i have other stuff i'd love to do. i will get to you on my own time. if i don't reply in a week feel free to bump. if i do not wish to rp with you, you will be unadded. so don't think i don't want to rp with you if i 'ghost' you for a little bit. just bump me.

2.5. i will not explain why i unadded you unless we're into a rp already. no hard feelings, i'm not good at confrontation (again on the autistic thing) so don't take it hard if it happens. if i do unadd you you can try to re-add me once if it was a mistake but if i decline it just leave it.

3. please be careful. i will not fully alter my character to be a sweet angel. he is a very strong demon with a interest for torment and pain to humans. even if you were to catch his interest ( being f***ing nuts or liking to kill people to or be a not human person who's also just as nuts ). even then he'd still most likely hurt you in some way. he's not great at romance and though i'm not shy from having it happen it won't be easy and it definitely won't happen if your character is a shy 'bean' who can't stand gore or dislikes murder. intimacy/s3x is the same thing. he won't initiate also, and he is not nice or soft. so keep this in mind. also, 18+ only for this. if i find out you want a roleplay that includes this i'm blocking you and calling you out.

3.5. please be aware my character is strong. he's 'op'. not endlessly strong but stronger than most demons and entitys and very hard to get your hands on anyways. he also is vile, gross, and even if you get close, or even in a relationship with him, he will most likely still be quite rude at times. it is HABIT. he isn't well accustomed to romance, or kindness that doesn't stem from a want. ( like being kind in order to get what he wants ). if you dislike rude, vile, and powerful characters, i'm not the person for you. i'm more into giving HABIT a reason to work with your character, or to not kill the other, even if it may be for fun to kill later it can change. i love me a good story. please don't dissapoint.

4. i write from a paragraph to novella on really good days. i will not reply if i cannot write a paragraph and i won't reply to anything under at least 5 lines. sorry. i can't write good when it's less then a paragraph. though, if we get ourselves in a pickle, and it's just dialogue, then we can write short. that i get. but it's the only exeption. i won't block you ofc, i'm not mean, i just want to write good stories with someone. :3

5. TW for my character. if you are uncomfortable with any of this, leave. this also applies to status', images, and etc.


if i think of more i will add.

6. rolling off 3 a bit, s3x will not be the whole rp. like i said, HABIT is a demon. sure, i don't mind writing it. i'm 20. i'm of age and this is my own iteration of this character. but it won't be all of it. HABIT would probably kill you if you tried it all the f***ing time.

7. please talk to me first, and don't be in character in my dms. i will usually be in character in status or questions or comments, if i'm not, i'll usually use to show i'm not in character. otherwise, im in character outside of dms. i will always use in dms to show im ooc.

8. please don't think i'm rude. i'm very kind and im actually rlly kinda funny and im open to literally almost everything, just throw it at me and i'll tell u if i like it or not! also, ps if i add u and i dont talk to u im just rlly f***ing shy and starting sh*t off LOL i'm trying to work my courage

9. also, i will play evan! though my main focus is HABIT, evan will also make appearances when HABIT goes dormant or simply leaves evan. he also is way better at romance and all that so, just ask me and we always can do something where HABIT finally leaves him for good at some point. though then again, my main want for this account is HABIT.

like if you read this
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