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(Many Characters )
34 / Male / Single
Ohio - United States
Mostly Seeking Long Term Stories only. Please read my rules carefully.
More then half of my characters are not human, so don't expect non-fiction or real life.

If you give respect, you get respect. Its as simple as that.

If you friend me: you should message me first. That means you come to me with ideas. That doesn't mean I fill in your gaps.
If you stop responding after a few days, I'll either ask if something's wrong or you'll be removed, depending on the time. Prove to me that you read my profile: I have one photo that isn't a character. Tell me what it is, or I won't respond.
I don't respond to text talk either.

I have a setting and original characters I love to use.
Shoot me an email or a message and I would love to set things up with you.
I will not kik or discord. This site is for role playing, so I'm going to use it.

Basic Rules:
1. Grammar. It doesn't have to be perfect, but it helps.
2. Be polite. Or you will be blocked.
3. I do fiction and fantasy.
4. One liners and no detail are not welcome. They are boring. If you use them, don't expect much back from me. I try to get a minimum of 3 to 5 sentences. Enough to establish emotions, actions and thoughts.
5. Please use third person. It makes things much easier for me to understand. Don't use "I".
6. Effort. Show me you want to play. Don't drag things out or cut posts short. If you have no ideas or expect me to carry everything: we won't get along.
7. No damsels, mary sues, unstable emotions, OP gods or cardboard characters. If your character can literally obliterate the universe or is ALWAYS a step ahead of everything, then what is the point, honestly?
8. If your just going to "HEART" my character blogs without really seeing who or what my characters offer, then your proving you only like their photos.

I have a default room if you just want to hang with my characters.

"Don't Expect a Phoenix if your only going to offer chicken feed."

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