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(Awkmoon Loy)
28 / Male / Married
Arizona - United States
Hello every one I am happy to be here you may all call me Awkmoon it's nice to meet all of you on here. I like my wife Nish are new to this site, and I am happy to meet all of you. We both have come to this site as open minded rpers, With over a few decade of experience with her and my years combined of the rps we have done. We have our fair share of experience. We are on to be here together. So I am going to say now I am not looking for 1 on 1 rps, I am looking to be with my love in 3 person roleplay, to have a "experimental people" Where we as adults can experiment together and grow as role players.

Since we ran into this issue with one woman who shall not be named, who came to me first but decided to assume about my wife; If you are worried about her ever getting jealous of you, there is no need for that. She is the most confident woman i know, and if you talk to us about whats all going on you will see she finds no one a threat because she knows no one can steal me away and that my attention will ALWAYS be on her first, and vise versa. The only thing I have ever seen her get jealous over is if she has no bed space for cuddles because our three dogs took up her spot. So please, don't give yourself that much credit that you could steal me or bother a woman who has been with me for just about a decade. You won't sound funny, cute, or make me think twice about being with my wife... You will look like a fool.

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