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(John Maddox)
22 / Male / In Love
Midgard, England, London, United Kingdom
Catholic|Cancer Survivor|Priest|Activist|Closeted-homosexual

John Maddox, better known as Father Maddox is the result of duplication. He is the duplicant of a young mutant who has the abilities to multiply himself, therefore earning himself the code name “Multiple Man” John is not equipped with such powers and, unlike his progenitor, he resides in a small vicarage home not too far from the cathredral he governs. He is hailed as a holy man around his parish and has done many a great service.

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Latest Status

John hadn't seen @Numinous for almost an entire month; though they did share phonecalls, it just was not enough. John still felt an incredible, inexpressible loneliness, that only seemed to fade when he was near the powerful immortal. And sure, there was other Stephens roaming that realm, but none of them could ever compare. Vincent was his soulmate. His one and only. His last and his first: and there was not anyone, or anything, that could changed that.
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Latest Questions

Q. [Text] John you busy?
A. [Text] no. What is it that you need, brother?
 Jul 21st 2019 23:17

Q. ‘John, I am afraid. Please, I need to see you. I need your help.’
A. John hasn't received a telepathic message from his best friend in ages; so he is quite surprised when he does... and suspicious. John looks to the sorcerer he his seeing and goes-
 Jul 15th 2019 09:59

Latest Comments

"I see you got into a brawl..."
Mystique said casually looking around for a moment, she then would look him in the eyes with concern.

"Are you going to be okay? I was worried. I keep all of my chickens intact you know?"
Jul 30th 2019 21:22

"Please... Just tell me Charles is okay. Just tell me for the sake of me not worrying anymore.

I want to do so much but I.."

Mystique then sighed she knew John was by far of good use and of good nature he was part of her small list of people that she would trust near Charles.

"I have been worrying for days he hasn't seen me and everything that I see from he is hurt. I can't deal with losing him.

Promise me you won't go too far? Heartbreak did this I know it, John. He wasn't the same after that idiot hurt him.

Let him know he is loved, and he has people that care. Okay? Just do this for me."
Jul 16th 2019 23:10

(I am. I just don’t tolerate drama. Lol. That’s all. We had a roleplay going but I don’t know what happened to it when you had to talk to Natasha)
Jun 7th 2019 19:40

Would love to plot when you have the time. Love your character.
Jun 7th 2019 19:36

"Hello John."
Jun 1st 2019 20:00