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(John Maddox)
23 / Male / In Love
Midgard, England, London, United Kingdom
Catholic|Cancer Survivor|Priest|Activist|Closeted-homosexual

John Maddox, better known as Father Maddox is the result of duplication. He is the duplicant of a young mutant who has the abilities to multiply himself, therefore earning himself the code name “Multiple Man” John is not equipped with such powers and, unlike his progenitor, he resides in a small vicarage home not too far from the cathredral he governs. He is hailed as a holy man around his parish and has done many a great service.

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Latest Questions

Q. Looking at John he gave her a smile. "John, what is your favorite food? Favorite color? There is a plan to my madness I promise, " smiled Asa as he gently touched her hand.
A. John smiled softly and tried to not appear worried. "I am not so sure I can answer. There are so many wondrous mortal dishes. I could not possibly choose right this instant." She laughed,-
 Dec 5th 2019 13:03

Q. Stephen portals into the old ancient cathedral and removes his cloak. It resists at his actions, but he rubs it soothingly and whispers, "Promise I'll be right back, okay." He leaves it where it floats, but it only trails after him when he is not paying attention. He spots the young priest, or so he thinks, until he gets closer and stops. Stephen blinks for a moment. Is that a woman in a priest uniform?

"Um—" a long pause, "Hello?"
A. The unfamiliar female turns around and reveals herself, donning a priest uniform and that signature white collar. It is quite abstract. She smiles and steps closer to the sorcerer; she is-
 Jul 11th 2019 18:05

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