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(John Maddox)
22 / Male / Single
Midgard, England, London, United Kingdom
Catholic|Cancer Survivor|Priest|Activist|Closeted-homosexual

John Maddox, better known as Father Maddox is the result of duplication. He is the duplicant of a young mutant who has the abilities to multiply himself, therefore earning himself the code name “Multiple Man” John is not equipped with such powers and, unlike his progenitor, he resides in a small vicarage home not too far from the cathredral he governs. He is hailed as a holy man around his parish and has done many a great service.

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Latest Status

Thank you, Lord Jesus, for awakening my sleeping spirit and bringing me into your light. Thank you, Lord, for transforming me by the renewing of my mind. Thank you, Lord, for pouring out your Spirit on me, and revealing your Word to me. Thank you, Lord, for giving your angels charge over me in all my ways. Thank you for my faith in you and that from my innermost being shall flow rivers of living water. Thank you for directing my mind and heart into the love of the Father and the-
5  8 hours ago

Latest Questions

numinous asked the question
Q. "You left a note." The Sorcerer Supreme suddenly says, walking up to the priest slowly, but making sure to keep his distance. Who knows what he wants to say, after all...
A. John is kneeled at the beautiful golden alter when he arrives at the ancient St. Cherub's Cathedral. He hears the sorcerers' footsteps and bright blues flick up. "You have come?" said more-
 Jun 11th 2019 03:13

Q. "I hate to bother you, John. But I am worried about Peter now. Can I ask what you think is wrong with him?" asked Wanda looking at him her green eyes filled with worry.
A. The priest rose from his seat at golden pew he had once been sitting and reading. He places his book aside and beckons her closer. "Come, sit, please." He adds to her surprise, "I have been-
 Jun 8th 2019 00:21

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(I am. I just don’t tolerate drama. Lol. That’s all. We had a roleplay going but I don’t know what happened to it when you had to talk to Natasha)
Jun 7th 2019 19:40

Would love to plot when you have the time. Love your character.
Jun 7th 2019 19:36

"Hello John."
Jun 1st 2019 20:00