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OC Jason Black (New an Improved Version)

(Jason Black is one the vary First OC's that I made that I put some Thought into an was Proud of. This is just me giving him an Upgraded Bio that he should have got back when I first made him. I've Grown as a Role Player an I felt it was time to give this Guy the Love he should have been getting at the Start.)

Name: Jason Black
Nick Name(s): Sick F***, Freak, Sinner, Sex Freak, an Red (Last one coming from the Color of his Hair)
Other Titles known by: Dr. Black, Psychologist Jason, Mind Reading Psychologist (Last one comes from those he Treats in Prison an in the Mental Wards)
Age: 25
Sex: Male
Species: Human
Magic Type: Has no Magic
Height: 6 Feet 7 Inches
Personality:  Prideful, Arrogant, Egotistical a bit of a knowit all also, but other than that he has vary flirtatious personality about him, Also has a hard time taking anything Seriously if its not about Work or Sex, also a vary Horny Man just in general
Drinks: Gods yes /An dont Judge deal with the People he does an you would to/
Smokes: Gods Yes /Again deal with the Sh*t he does an you would to/
Drugs: Yes /Mainly to Help him sleep if he cant find a Sexual Partner for the Night./
Allergies: Strawberries & Tomatoes
Physical: What many would Consider Hot an F***able
Scars: 1 -A Thin hardly Noticeable one going over his Right Eye. It didnt blind him luckly. How he got is in the Bio-
(Sexual Info)
Turn Ons: If hes the Dom his Turn Ons include A Cute Little Femboy, anyone of the Gothic End of the Spectrum, Collars, Pet Play, Daddy/Baby Boy Play, Teasing his Partner, Biting an Marking, taking his Partner in a Public Place like his Office at Work, Collaring his Partner, Begging. Among other things. {} Now if he is the Sub that time around his Turns Ones include a Person who just gives off a Alpha type presence, Alpha/Omega Play, being taken in Public like at his Job or something, being Teased an Bitten, Rough Sex, Pain in whatever Game they are playing, Bondage, Edge Play, being made to Beg. Among other things.
Turn Offs: Scat, Piss, Vomit
Dom/Sub: Switch with no lean
Sexuality: Bisexual with a lean towards Men (But is willing to be with a Girl if they interest him enough)
Mother: Unknown
Father: Unknown
Brother: Alexander Black -The 2 havent talked in a vary long time-
Sister: Sami Black -The 2 talk every once in while buts its always few an far between when they Call each other.-
Dating: No -Doesnt normally Date but instead has Sex-
(Some Extra Info)
Tattoo: Yes he has 1 -He has a Large Snake that starts with its Tail warpped around his Neck, goes down wrapping around his whole Arm an ending on the back of his Hand with its 2 Fangs ending at 2 of his Fingers. It was also in a Black an Red Color-
Piercings: No
Job: Psychologist -Does have his own Practice, but since he likes a Challenge he mainly works out of Prisons an Mental Hospitals.-
Preferred Weapons: As he isnt really allowed to carry weapons for Work he doesnt. What he does have however is a Knife he always Hides in his Boot just in case of a Riot or something.-
Bio: Jason was a unwanted Kid born into a Family that already had 2 Unwanted Kids. Only reason they stuck with each other was the Tax Write Off an his Parents didnt know what to do with the Children. But they soon figured it out. At a Young Age Jason an his Older Brother an Younger Sister were sent into the Foster System. Within Time Jason forgot about his Parents an didnt really ever care to remember them, after all they clearly didnt want anything to do with him so why should he care about them? After a few Years in the System being Bounced around to different Homes an Families he decided he wanted to be come a Psychologist so he could Help people like him find their Place in the World. So with that Goal in mind he made sure to finish at the Top of his High school Class, get into a good Online Collage an worked his Ass off to be the top of that Class as well. He made sure to be a Straight A Student an master the Art of Reading People in Free time. An soon enough his Collage Life flew by an did everything he needed to an got his Dream Job. He was Helping People which is what he always wanted, but over time something changed for him. It became less about Helping People but more for the Glory an Money, an he also found his Practice was getting boring since there wasnt a Challenge any more. So he decided to move his Focus onto something a lot more Fun in his Mind, he moved to working with those in Prison that are the Worst of the Worst, he also made sure to get his Name into the Mental Hospitals to help those Nut Bags. He also started to Help the Police an sometimes the FBI in Cases that they needed to know about their Suspect an things of the Nature. Now many People would call him Crazy for working in that type environment, as that type of Work Life cant be good for you. An those vary People would be proven correct. Soon enough Jason started to dislike it after a few Cases that made him have Nightmares for a few Months. But the People he worked for could not let him go. He was doing great Work. So they allowed him to Carry a Knife in his Boot when ever he works so he can feel a little better. And he mainly wanted the Knife because of a Prison fight he was in a few Months back. He got a Scar from that, right down his Right eye. And some where along the Line he started to Drink, Smoke, and do Drugs along with having lots and lots of Sex. Its his way of copping with the Work he does. And because of this he lost his Brother who couldnt deal with his selfish an self-sabotaging Brother anymore after a to many Years of it. His Sister on the other still talks to him sometimes tho she sees he cant be brought Back. He stared into the Void for to long after all, But she talks to him, from Time to Time. After he is her Older Brother an she doesnt want to Cut him off totally. So while Jason has his Problems he does really like his Life when he's Drunk, High, Working or having Sex anyway. Tho he will admit those times he is annoyingly Sober without a Partner to F*** the Darkness does start to sneak into his Mind, so yea he could live without that. But other then that he's Content, an he's got damn well at Lying to himself with that one.
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