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(Death is the ultimate Truth)
19 / Male / In a Relationship
Indiana - United States
-Life once Asked Death 'Why do People Love me but Hate you?' And Death Responded 'Because you are Beautiful Life. But I am a Painful Truth.'-

That could not be more Right if it Tried as Death is the ultimate Truth of the Universe. We all Live and Breath and Find Joy. But one day it will all End. Now the only Question to Ask? Is how will we Die? Will we go out in a Blaze of Glory? Will a Accident Take our Lives? Things of those Nature is the only Question that matters after a Point in One's Life.

-'Those we Love dont go away, they Walk beside us everyday. Unseen, Unheard, but always Near, still Loved, still Missed and Very Dear'-

Now after One Dies another Question is Raised. Are they ever really Gone? No they arent. Not as Long as they remain in our Memory. As long as we remember them from who they were and what they did? No one is ever Truly Dead. And that is another Truth.

Now one might ask why you are being Told these things. And that is a Question that will be answered now. The God of Death is not an Evil God. He doesn't Wish for anyone to Lose the ones they Care for. But it is something that must be done. Consider this his way of Trying to make someone feel better.

/Happy Halloween everyone/

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Q. How have you been?
A. I've been more or Less ok. Mainly Busy and Cleaning up a few Messes here and there. But otherwise I've been Decent enough.
 Jun 12th 2019 20:58

Q. How have you been?
A. I've been doing good. How about you?
 May 26th 2019 22:00

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Goood morning, or afternoon actually xD
Jan 6th 2020 12:16

Hey there :)
Jul 10th 2019 20:38