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22 / Male / Single
Kansas - United States
I walk this path to overcome my enemy.
I walk along so slow.
To pace myself within this hell.
I'm stronger now, I know.
I've lost an eye, yet cleared my vision.
No doubts in mind, I've transcended.

I won't forget my soul.

╔═══━━━─── • ───━━━═══╗
I consider myself to be a somewhat humble individual. Though everyone has a small set of rules. I shall list the following:
1. I am most willing to play male characters so please don't bother asking for the opposite. It's merely a preference as I personally lack any real ability to play female characters.
2. Most RP's I participate in, I'd hope would have some amount of story. Not to imply I am against casual encounters. It's merely a way more entertaining when you have a concept to run on.
3. I am fully open to conversations though I am not a fan of individuals who ignore me for long periods of time. This means I am willing to just chat OOC all the time when possible, you aren't required to Rp with me. However, generally, I'll remove someone after a month of no contact.
4. Godmodding is just inappropriate for all parties involved. Unless horribly appropriate, don't bother even attempting such a thing in my presence.
5. I am open to playing more than just August. However, he is my mainstay. Which implies I'd like to play him the most. Please, aim for something in my comfort zone to some degree if you come to me with a concept.
6. Please, just interact with me above all. There's no point in adding someone if you truly lack the intention of interacting with them. Then, you're wasting everyone's time. I don't care if it is every other day, or weekly. Please, just reply with something coherent. Thank you.
╚═══━━━─── • ───━━━═══╝

Latest Status

Dearest friends, I offer my apologies toward each of you for I have been very preoccupied with home renovations irl. To all of which have been eagerly awaiting my replies I assure you they will come soon. Likely within the next day or two.

As usual, I am extremely thankful for your patience.
Mood: sad
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