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(Asli Cinar Aslan)
35 / Female / Single
Budapest,Turkey, Turkey
I'm the wife to Ferhat Alsan and one of the top surgeon's at the hospital I work in.My marriage didn't start out as normal but then again my new family isn't normal either we have fought survived and still are here.

Latest Status

Working on getting to get thing's going for my Turkish Drama Rp I want to do based off of the show I'm finishing right now.

The Name of the show I'm watching is "Black and White Love" or "The Price of Passion"

It Star's İbrahim Çelikkol as the Male Lead Role of Ferhart Aslan.

I would suggest Anyone Interested to watch the show I have a link where you can watch it.

Mood: accomplished
0  May 23rd 2020 17:09

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