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(Jerrald Valenzuela)
16 / Male / In a Relationship
Pasay City, Philippines
Hello there stranger what brings you here in my domain...(๑╹ω╹๑ )

As you check my profile you can see all my real life infos of me(not secret just a little info of me thats all..)

I hope you add me,if not its fine just make your life happy as possible
My love and my

Latest Questions

Q. What’s your opinion on me? -_-
A. That you very happy and cute person in my perspective
 Sep 27th 2018 22:45

Q. Whats your favorite song?
A. Midnight Sky by Unique
 Jul 28th 2018 23:13

Latest Comments

Aug 10th 2018 00:50

Hi hi! thanks for accepting!! Im here if ya wanna rp or chat!!!
Aug 10th 2018 00:40

Hello! Thanks for accepting. I look forward to talking; or roleplaying with you. (:
Jul 23rd 2018 06:19

I uploaded honeys picture
Jun 26th 2018 09:28