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(༺ Aѕнα Gɾҽყʝσყ ༻)
30 / Female / Single and Looking
Pyke, California - United States
╔──────── ⊰Ꭺ⊱ ────────╗
Aʙᴏᴜᴛ ᴛʜᴇ ℭʜᴀʀᴀᴄᴛᴇʀ ᴀɴᴅ
ᴛʜᴇ ℘ᴏʀᴛʀᴀʏᴀʟ. ❜
╚──────── ⊰Ꭺ⊱ ────────╝

ᴿᵉᵃᵈ ᵗʰᵉ ᵗʰʳᵉᵃᵈˑ ⇢♛ 〕

⊰☠⊱ This Asha is based both on ASOIAF Asha ﹠ GoT Yara ❨who are the same person but their storyline have some differences❩ , with the predominance of the Book version of this character, with the Show appearance.

⠀⠀⊰☠⊱ Usually I call her Asha ❨in the few cases I use the name Yara❩. Mostly if you don't know Asha = Yara

⊰☠⊱ I write SLs both based on the books ﹠ on the events that take place in Game of Thrones. With book readers I can write SLs based on the books only, if they wish so.

⠀⠀⊰☠⊱ Some of my contents are AU. In other words I'm AU-friendly. Always up for some.

⊰☠⊱ As descriptive as you are. Will try to match your descriptiveness the best I can.

⠀⠀⊰☠⊱ I write in third person only.

⊰☠⊱ OC-friendly.

⠀⠀⊰☠⊱ The account is Multi-Verse. So I am crossover-friendly.

⊰☠⊱ The list of the Verses I gladly welcome ;
— Spartacus
— Vikings
— The Last Kingdom
— Beowulf
— Black Sails
— Gladiator
— Knightfall
— I Borgia
— The Borgias
— Medici : Masters of Florence
— The Tudors
— Outlander
— Camelot
— Pirates of the Caribbean
— Rome
— The Lord of the Rings
— The Hobbit
— Thor
— Reign
— Salem
— The Shannara Chronicles
— Versailles
– The Legend of Hercules
— Hercules : the Legendary Journeys
— The Last Legion
— The Witcher

⠀⠀⊰☠⊱ But may write with characters from other Verses, as long as you have an idea how we could join our Universes. Especially with warriors, vikings, knights, sailors ﹠ pirates.

⊰☠⊱ Writing style includes ﹕Para, Multi-Para ﹠ Novela on request. The writer has nothing against bantering or short SLs, even one-liners as long as it's easy to respond to them ﹠ aren't boring.

⊰☠⊱ Ships should be based on chemistry. Unless our characters are married for political reasons, or their marriage was arranged.

⠀⠀⊰☠⊱ I would prefer to develop ships.

⊰☠⊱ Don't hold back if your character wants to try to seduce mine. Just like any person in RL it may fall in love or flirt. Whether it leads to something more it will turn out in the course of time.

⠀⠀⊰☠⊱ Sexuality ﹕I prefer to follow the sexuality of Asha from the books, this means she's heterosexual.

⊰☠⊱ When it comes to lesbian ships — I'm not really interested. Don't force me to ship with your female character if I feel uncomfortable with it. Please respect my choice.

⠀⠀⊰☠⊱ The only lesbian ship I truly like is Asha × Ellaria Sand. Maybe Asha × Daenerys, but there must be chemistry. I shall be HIGHLY selective when it comes to Daenerys.

⊰☠⊱ That our characters are in a relationship doesn't mean we date one another in RL. Seven hells.

⠀⠀⊰☠⊱ This Asha is attracted to strong brutal warriors, as well as to pretty boys with long hair, Qarl-like.

⊰☠⊱ Trigger warning! ﹕gore, sex, assault, death, decapitation.

⠀⠀⊰☠⊱ There might be offensive language & swear words in my texts. That is how Asha is. Always blunt.

⊰☠⊱ I give you the right to be violent with Asha. It's just RP. With some limits, of course.
You'll be blocked if you attempt to rape her. Unless it's her lover or there's chemistry between the characters ﹠ the couple only roleplay rape.

⠀⠀⊰☠⊱ When it comes to N*FW contents — only if it's a part of a storyline. Any sexual interactions should be a part of it. I don't like raw sex. If you're extremely horny then go find someone else. That's not why I'm here. I'm here first of all to write SLs full of action ﹠adventures.

⊰☠⊱ You read my solos, posts ﹠ other contents at your own risk. You shouldn't read them if you're under 18.
Though not all of them will be N*FW.

⠀⠀⊰☠⊱ I have nothing against dark themes.

⊰☠⊱ Don't impose your will on me.

⠀⠀⊰☠⊱ Let's respect one another.

⊰☠⊱ I am a kind open-minded person. But if you are rude do not expect me to be kind.

⠀⠀⊰☠⊱ Please remember this. If you ask me to RP with you — you should send a starter. If I do — I send a starter.

⊰☠⊱ Most of avatars ﹠ photos are somehow edited by the scribe, so please do not copy them. Thank you.

⠀⠀⊰☠⊱ Since I'm a very busy person in RL, long replies won't be sent too often, I don't reply everyday.
Constant nagging me to reply won't rush me to send my reply earlier.
Keep in mind I've a job ﹠ RL obligations. I can't be here 24/7.
Saying this, take as much time as you need to reply yourself. I'm patient.

⊰☠⊱ Please be that kind ﹠ tell me when you don't want to write with me anymore instead of dropping our SL.

⠀⠀⊰☠⊱ Should you want to write with me just let me know. Don't be shy. I don't bite . . . much ;)

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"Hello Asha, daddys home. Be sure to keep my throne warm."
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