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Ascendancy's Blog

Admiral Ar'alani

Physical description
Species - Chiss
Gender - Female
Hair color - Blue-black
Eye color - Red
Skin color - Blue

Chronological and political information
- Chiss Ascendancy
- Chiss Defense Fleet


Admiral Ar'alani was a high-ranking officer in the Chiss Ascendancy Expansionary Defense Fleet at the time of the Galactic Empire's reign.

Shortly after the Battle of Batonn, Commander Eli Vanto of the Imperial Navy, defected to the Ascendancy under the guidance of Grand Admiral Mitth'raw'nuruodo. Journeying into the Unknown Regions, Vanto came across Ar'alani's ship, the Steadfast, and informed the admiral that he had been sent by Thrawn to aid the Ascendancy. Ar'alani allowed the former Imperial officer to join her ship's crew and assigned him to data analysis.

Following Thrawn and Darth Vader's rescue of Force-sensitive Chiss girls from the Grysks, Ar'alani informed Thrawn that she would return the children to their families. Ar'alani also promised to bolster the defenses of the colony world from which the children were taken.

Skills and abilities

Ar'alani was a master tactician. She was very patient, known to wait for days or even weeks for the right time to take action. She was fluent in the Chiss primary language Cheunh, as well as the trade languages Meese Caulf and Sy Bisti.
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