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21 / Female / Single
NSFW Roleplayer~
Will only accept requests when you heart my rule's blog.

-3rd Person POV ( from both sides) only
- Literate
- No one-liners
- Bicurious
- If you send the first message without a "Hello", the probability of me being a bitch to you is pretty high.

Romance roleplays only!

Not a fan of fantasy, honestly. I will put in a blog the plots I hate for you to don't be "offended" that I find your idea boring.

If you're a man looking for a mistress, you're barking at the wrong door. I rarely get turned on with guys (mostly because of their "creative" ideas) so... Good luck.

Latest Status

Sorry for not giving any replies and disappearing without any notice but life has been a bitch so... Yeah, sorry.

I'll return to the messages in case you still want to continue our roleplay.

On a side note, I would like to do a The promised Neverland RP, if anyone is interested please PM me.
2  Apr 16th 2019 12:33

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