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(Ariel Livna Rousseau. Livna Rousseau.)
26 / Female / Single
Bellshill, United Kingdom
She has different looks on her albums, which I will take time to update over the free time I have. Right now is basic, but look if you want. I don't want anyone to be confused if she has to look different than usual. You can even ask to start with that look if you like.

Sexual themes are rare, but not impossible IF you work with this high maintenance girl. Be warned, she isn't easily touched or romanced.

Full Name:
A-r-i-e-l / L-i-v-n-a / R-o-u-s-s-e-a-u.

A-r-i, L-i-v, R-o-s-e.

A-r-i-e-l: Lion of god, God.
L-i-v-n-a: White.
R-o-u-s-s-e-a-u: Rose.


Gender Role:
Very female, but can fight as well as any man.



August 23rd.

France - though was moved to Beersheba.

Zodiac Sign:

Immediate Family:
Father, Brother.

Distant Family:
Too many to name.

Childhood: ([3-12])
Born in Be'er Sheva, Israel on August 23rd, Ariel is second oldest out of the children her father's children. Her brother,Adir who was formerly the one who belonged to another father. Not much was well known of her brother and while the two had some similar traits the two of them had some different ideas on how to think as well. Her sister was a distant sibling who was killed when she was a very young, for a long time she was a swore subject for the entire family - mostly herself than anyone else. As a child she was a very happy one and had a interest in real girly things like ballet and dolls as well as boy things as well. She was considered overly fearless, which was a bad trait for most woman in that time and place. Her father, had to often tell her off and give her a strict word. Naturally neither got along because he never showed to her shows in anything. Adir did, but he never did. The most recent thing she could have recalled of her father, was him teaching them early skills, for example he blind folded her sister and herself and took them into the forest before letting them find there way back. Avi was a very complicated man to be honest and had a strong feeling of being in power. Her brother often said he was over powered and tended to beat him. At the time, she did not believe him at all. She wanted to believe her father was a good man to them - or at least tried to. In this time she was good at making freinds when she could and without her family being enar them. As soon as people found out who he was they would grow fearful and distant, but not this one Adam. He was a good boy, but was killed early in her children. The first thing she saw was a head not attached to his body, it was a lesson she learned well.

Adolescence: ([13-17])
As she grew up it was driven into her mind that being with her could be dangerous itself. So, of course she grew used to being alone and her family was the only thing keeping her from breaking down at this point. Directly after high-school or just before that, she learned under her brother and father. Who were very harsh with her, if you didn't do what they said then a beat down was needed - but she knew this was needed. A weakness in there home was a way of people getting close enough to kill you. Her second lesson, the first one was the thing that pushed her to grow up fast. Way to fast, but later on she found out she became a emotionless soldier and one the the best as well. So, as soon as her lessons were driven into her head she went into a a female army and learned everything she could to make it a good advantage in the real war. Tzahal, Israeli Defence forces. This last for a whole two years, in fact. A lot of people assumed she joined there because it was for her sister. But, maybe she had some of her father in her to.

Adulthood: ([18+])
When her two years had passed. she claims she volunteered to join Mossad as soon as she was eligible, and was not motivated by the desire to avenge the death of her sister, again. During her time at Mossad, Ariel was part of a special operations unit known as Kidon, which is part of the Metsada, (which is now code-named Komemiute). This unit specialised in assassinations, paramilitary operations, sabotage, and psychological warfare. Her position was control officer. As a result of early, intensive training, she is very skilled in hand-to-hand combat and shooting, later attempting to teach a class dagger throwing, there and in her new work place in America. (Where she would be during role-play.) Ariel is scripted as someone who "has had to do awful things and watch awful things in her life"; she has "seen 12-year-old suicide bombers in Israel" and gone hungry long enough to resort to eating maggots. later on in America, she recounts an incident in which one of her friends from Mossad had been beheaded after infiltrating a Hamas cell in Ramallah; Hamas terrorists sent his head back on the overnight express, leading her to view captivity as worse than death. Ducky (Doctor of the dead) later told there team leader that, "Agent David has been through things you and I can't even imagine" and suggested that she was the only one who could relate to a suspect who had been abused.

Israeli, French.

Find out.

Distinguishing Features:

Loving people and being loved or close to someone has been hard on her. For one, she never gained much love from her father or brother and picturing or thinking of people getting so close is new. Exciting, scary, not that she would admit this. If ever, not out loud.

Bad Romance Novels.

Spicy herbs, and Roses.

Current Residence:

Guns, Daggers, Invisible string, Poison(Cancelled when working with cops.) and so on.

Ring from her father.
Locket from her first friend.
Dagger from her brother.

Ariel might not look like it; but she doses enjoy her home being slight more fancy than most. Living in a condo can do that, she isn't a fan for floral stuff or things that would be strange like that. In fact, it rather plain when talking about that. She has been a fan of dark colors, golden paint on the edge of her walls with white paint in the middle. Her floor had a furry white carpet to, and she has a back yard with a swing for herself and guests as well as a small pool and table with chairs. No one knows this, but she has a interest on growing her own spices and Roses to.

Occupation Before coming to work with them:
Mossad officer.

Occupation after coming to work with them on her off days:
GCSI special agent.


Good traits:
Meticulous, Intelligent, Practical, Analytical, Reliable, Modest.

Bad traits:
Overcritical, Fussy, Fastidious, Harsh, Conservative, Judgemental.

In reality she has a strong love for dark humour, bad romances in books or book on adapting her skill, cooking, though book could be worked on, has done some dancing mostly for ballroom, good drinker, cleaning her guns and fixing them, shooting, running, swimming, anything sporty.

Cooking, Dealing in any weapon the best ones being guns and daggers, knowledge on her homeland and battles, planning, stealth, Learning there words, a little baking, keeping her face vacant, Flirting, hand to hand combat.

Cooking normal meals, Gaining what she wants by flirting, Guns, Daggers, Weapons, planning, knowledge, stealth, being emotionless, hand to hand.

Showing emotion, Learning how to speak to certain people, Dealing with family, Giving advise somethings, Baking.

English, Hebrew, Spanish, Arabic, Turkish, French, Pashto, German, Italian, and Russian.

She did have a French Accent before, and can go back to it. However, she has another accent in her new home as a child.

Between pride and wrath or lust.


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