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19 / Female / Forever Alone
Why do you care lol, Korea (South)
Hiii I’m Sooyoung

Idgaf :)

Just kidding! Lol....Anyways I do not do one liners so if you only do that please don’t add me. I’m down for almost anything, please don’t be dry because then I won’t have nothing to come up with .....If I leave you on read I’m sorry because I’m busy. but I be on here everyday so don’t worry! ^^


I don’t have a main character, depend on the rp....I usually do fantasy and romance (Non sexual or sexual, doesn’t matter to me ^^...But sometimes I rather prefer non sexual) and also if I don’t I’m either busy and that’s all but again I’m on everyday

I’ll text you first tehe, just add me. UwU, everyone have a good day!