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19 / Female / Forever Alone
Hell, Korea (South)
Hiii I’m Sooyoung

Lol. I’m weird ^^’...Anyways I do not do one liners so if you only do that please don’t add me. I’m down for almost anything, please don’t be dry because then I won’t have nothing to come up with .....If I leave you on read I’m sorry because I’m busy. but I be on here everyday so don’t worry! ^^


I don’t have a main character, depend on the rp....I usually do fantasy and romance, some horror and also if I don’t answer quickly I’m either busy or sleeping. and that’s all but again I’m on everyday ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

I’ll text you first tehe, just add me. UwU, everyone have a good day!


1. No god mode (Controlling my characters)

2. Don’t add just to make your friends list go up, I want to rp ^^

3. Please don’t leave me on read

4. Don’t judge a book by its cover, in this case meaning if you don’t do anime types of rp that’s fine but make sure to look at my homepage and blog before you decide. I do more than just anime ^^

5. No socials, no rl pictures, no nudes. I’m just here to rp ^^

And last but not least this isn’t a rule but I’m not cat fishing if I put a real life picture of a girl as my profile, it’s not mine.

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Hello Thanks for accepting my friend request, I hope we can roleplay soon.
Sep 27th 2020 15:26