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(Aria Evelynn)
18 / Female / In Like
Don't be a creep, Alaska - United States
Greetings fellow people~

These Rules are very important to me and I will not roleplay with you if you do not accept them. Link is Below-
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"A bridge can still be built while the bitter waters are flowing beneath it" ~Anthony Liccone

~A Shoutout to some of my favorite roleplay partners~
@TheWoodsman @gloomydays @Suke @Lobo_Demon @Fynn @FantasyRogue

~Thank you and have a nice day~ ^^


Latest Questions

Zombi asked the question
Q. Are you enjoying our roleplay so far?
A. Yes!! I am loving the suspense of it all! Thank you^^
 Jun 29th 2021 16:26

RolePlay asked the question
Q. Did you know you can change your profile background and colors by going here?
A. Yes! ^^
 Apr 20th 2021 14:03

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Aug 12th 2021 09:24

*Hug* Finnnne.
Aug 12th 2021 09:03

Aug 12th 2021 09:01

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Aug 11th 2021 21:28

This is a Decoded message. You're welcome. If you'd like to recode. Press 1. If you're crazy, press 2. This message will self destruct in 3 minutes. Press 3.
Aug 11th 2021 18:09

You are a favorite of mine as well sweetheart. I love our story, a characters and I adore you. Thank you for being amazing. :) ((Hugs!!))
Jun 28th 2021 11:07

Jun 10th 2021 09:09

How are u
May 29th 2021 00:53

Sorry I haven’t been feeling so great
May 9th 2021 14:14