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18 / Male / Forever Alone
Ormond beach, Florida - United States
(casually wished the forever alone face came with the forever alone relationship staus)

-Best discription of my character ever

Name: John
Race:Argonian (lizard man) (look it up if you have to, do that for anything you dont know)
Appeal: wears Nightingale armor with the targe of the blooded sheild and a dedric war axe with a soul trap enchantment to trap sould in soul gems
Occupation: Assassin/mercinary, basically a hired sword
Specialties: Silent kill with the bow, (accutacy too), swift with two dagers, great with hand to hand combat, best with a war axe and a sheild, knows basic spells but cant hold them or keep them active for too long
Personality: Quite nice when you know him, but distant.... He has a bloodlust and is wanted almost everywhere, he has almost no patience with strangers but wont execute people, his kills have to be standing, facing him and holdung a weapon unless he is in hand to hand or using the bow or making a silent kill with daggers, other than the he is pretty okay

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