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26 / Male / Single and Looking
Last City, United States
"Greetings traveler and welcome to the Last City. I'm Lohkanah, one of the many guardians who protect this city. I am of the titan class and I report to commander Zavala, leader of the Vanguard. Feel free to make yourself comfortable and if you so desire, feel free to accompany me on some endeavors. Don't worry Zavala won't know."

Lohkanah's ghost appears, "Are you out of your mind? You know we're not allowed to do that." He scolds, "I apologize for how he is."

~Friendly admin, though will try to be in character most of the time. Still working on the profile so give me time.~

Latest Questions

Q. It says you live in the last city, usa omg tell me where that is??
A. Lmao I put that there myself as a custom answer
 Aug 23rd 2021 00:18

RolePlay asked the question
Q. Did you know you can change your profile background and colors by going here?
A. "Much appreciated, thank you."
 Feb 5th 2021 00:09

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this guy is amazing! :)
Aug 31st 2021 20:18