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(♛C'est juste moi)
19 / Female / Forever Alone
♛♛♛Please Read Bio Before Adding♛♛♛


♛~@Drey ~♛
A lot of things you said to me stuck with me. Good and bad. I still love you. I just need to stop being selfish. For my sake tbh.

I loves you a lots, whatever happens, I'll always love you..





~Stories I've written:


♛I'm a first year in a uni thats reputation is basically working the students so much and so hard..

The last thing I need is someone lashing out on me for a reply. Thats not right. So f***ing don't, okay?

There are people the people who are nice and come and ask me how I'm doing and if I'm okay and whatnot. Thats the way of doing. Be NICE. Not just to me, to everyone, okay? Okay. Good.


Please be patient with me. I will get to you. The reason is the first point I stated.

♛Don't be afraid to send a request.

♛Just because I've got dominant characters doesn't mean I'm willing to use them 24/7.

♛Whinny submissives is a spectrum okay? There's a point where its just the right amount of whine and there's many point where its just f***ing annoying okay?

♛What works for me:

~ Yaoi {Boy on Boy} (Actually a preference)
~ Yuri {Girl on Girl} (Cute)
~ Straight {Boy on Girl} (Don't mind it)

♛For when you scan through my OC's:

~Seme: Dominant. {top}
~Uke: Submissive. {bottom}
~Seke: Switch. {Likes being both top and bottom}

♛Great and Amazing role players:

@Drey ♛♛♛
@LoLightwithin ♛♛♛
@Belmonte ♛♛♛
@LittleMissMoriarty ♛♛♛
@KandiiLand ♛♛♛
@RavensWing013 ♛♛♛

Latest Status

When you wanna kill off your character for the greater good but @LoLightwithin won't let you
2  Feb 11th 2020 11:22

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Vinegar asked the question
Q. Why are you retarded?
A. By tonight it's a promise don't cry
 Feb 2nd 2019 10:08

Q. hiya
A. Hey bean <3
 Jul 14th 2018 18:49

Latest Comments

Is everything okay? You haven't responded in a while.

(I would still love to RP with you)
Feb 14th 2020 05:42

Una mattina mi sono alzato..
o bella ciao...
Sep 19th 2019 16:25

Sep 2nd 2019 07:31

I love you for everything but right now I love you especially for your bio
Jun 3rd 2019 07:56

you're an angel I'm very convinced of it
May 12th 2019 20:18

May 9th 2019 12:13

yes u are sorryxoxo come over now I want my d*ck sucked
May 9th 2019 07:10

youre the sexiest thing alive
May 8th 2019 13:03

u deserve the world and much more than what u are getting
Apr 10th 2019 10:27

ill be super nice about it
Feb 18th 2019 07:28