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(♛C'est juste moi)
18 / Female / Forever Alone
United Arab Emirates
♛♛♛Please Read Bio Before Adding♛♛♛


♛~@Drey ~♛

I'm not a hot piece of ass if anything is, it's you! I mean have you seen your ass? Ah, d I bt get me started.. c;

Oh yeah I also love you and would kiss you, hold you and do other things with you whenever you like. Just hit me up, yeah?

She's amazing, a really awesome funny, gifted, hot, sympathetic, caring, loving, slightly rude but only as a turn on and just a f***ing great person.

I loves you a lots, whatever happens, I'll always love you as cheesy as that sounds but you know why I'm saying this yeah.




~Stories I've written:


♛I'm about to graduate high school and apply to colleges.
Don't pester me nor beg for replies please.


Please be patient with me. I will get to you. The reason is the first point I stated.

♛Don't be afraid to send a request.

♛Just because I've got dominant characters doesn't mean I'm willing to use them 24/7.

♛My character being the submissive {uke/bottom} is what I prefer at times.

♛Whinny submissives can leave right now. I can't stand a whinny bottom.

♛What works for me:

~ Yaoi {Boy on Boy} (Actually a preference)
~ Yuri {Girl on Girl} (Cute)
~ Straight {Boy on Girl} (Don't mind it)

♛For when you scan through my OC's:

~Seme: Dominant. {top}
~Uke: Submissive. {bottom}
~Seke: Switch. {Likes being both top and bottom}

♛Great and Amazing role players:

@Drey ♛♛♛
@X-xToleratedx-X ♛♛♛
@Belmonte ♛♛♛
@LittleMissMoriarty ♛♛♛
@KandiiLand ♛♛♛
@Bulletz4Breakfast ♛♛♛ ♛♛♛ ♛♛♛ {I'm so sorry ;-;}
@RavensWing013 ♛♛♛
@Eli_ ♛♛♛
@Vinegar ♛♛

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@Drey your apology status missing
2  May 15th 2019 14:47

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Vinegar asked the question
Q. Why are you retarded?
A. By tonight it's a promise don't cry
 Feb 2nd 2019 10:08

Q. hiya
A. Hey bean <3
 Jul 14th 2018 18:49

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you're an angel I'm very convinced of it
May 12th 2019 20:18

May 9th 2019 12:13

yes u are sorryxoxo come over now I want my d*ck sucked
May 9th 2019 07:10

youre the sexiest thing alive
May 8th 2019 13:03

u deserve the world and much more than what u are getting
Apr 10th 2019 10:27

ill be super nice about it
Feb 18th 2019 07:28

shut the fck up ill kill u
Feb 18th 2019 05:55

Feb 18th 2019 05:00

ur bio is so cheesy and im suddenly lactose intolerant >0<
Feb 18th 2019 04:39

Hi boo bear
Jan 12th 2019 10:43