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(Aoi Asahina)
21 / Female / Single
Eating Donuts!, United States
「〉》♥ >INTRO< ♥《〈」
Hey! What's shakin, bacon?
I'm Aoi Asahina but my friends just call me Hina!
It's nice to meet you! A little more about me, I love doughnuts a lot, I am the ultimate Swimming Pro and I have a very energetic personality! I am accepting of most people and give my friends lots of freedom I am mainly on here to make new friends and long term relationships so I am open for casual chat. I am friendly to all people no matter anything I am also more fluent in Japanese than English so forgive me if my spelling is off a bit...

「〉》♥ >RP-INFO< ♥《〈」
I prefer asterisks and dashes and mainly write one-liner or semi replies, I can do other things and try to match up to your length but I am not doing novellas sorry... I will be making ocs eventually I have them already I just don't have them in my blog yet. I mainly play myself besides ocs but I am not good with canon characters or existing people.
「〉》♥ >RULES< ♥《〈」
1. I don't do sm*t at all please don't ask me.

2. I don't do novella roleplays.

3. Have fun.

4. Don't insult donuts...

「〉》♥ >OUTRO< ♥《〈」
Thank you for reading I may add more later, anyway... Peace out! Hehehehehehe! If you read this, comment "donuts" on my profile!

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A. Actually...No! Thx Rp!
 Jan 20th 2019 21:52

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donuts plz
Dec 17th 2019 21:23

Aww, thank you.
Nov 24th 2019 21:48

Here's some donuts.
Nov 5th 2019 18:27

Thanks for accepting ^^
Sep 1st 2019 02:38

I love you, too! Aoiiii~
Aug 20th 2019 22:40

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Here you go...
May 20th 2019 14:28

Im just going to place this here...
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Mar 27th 2019 18:09

I love you too! -Kiss-
Mar 26th 2019 13:12