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(Aoi Asahina)
18 / Female / Single
West Fargo :P, North Dakota - United States
Hiya! My name is Aoi Asahina!
Don't mind if I use many acronyms since I am Japanese and don't speak the best English yet...I try though, But I use acronyms and short way and numbers...
Because they R easier to remember.
Kk? So yea about rping.
I am very open with rp, and I try to make sure it is an rp me and my partner enjoy.
Because, I want to make my rp partner as happy as me, that is the key to all rp.
Also, Plz don't ask me for er*t*c rp,...Srry...

Latest Status

Taking a run with Sakura-Chan!
Mood: energetic
1  May 15th 2019 06:33

Latest Questions

Gradius asked the question
Q. Can we continue our RP, please?
A. O, yeah...Sorry....Im not usually online...
 Apr 11th 2019 21:33

RolePlay asked the question
Q. Did you know you can change your profile background and colors by going here?
A. Actually...No! Thx Rp!
 Jan 20th 2019 21:52

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Here you go...
16 hours ago

Im just going to place this here...
May 17th 2019 15:28

Hey, I was worried about you... I almost thought you forgot about me.
Apr 23rd 2019 23:03

Mar 27th 2019 18:09

I love you too! -Kiss-
Mar 26th 2019 13:12

Feb 10th 2019 14:10

Hi Asahina-Aoi-chan!
Jan 22nd 2019 12:12