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Anti_Heros's Blog

Universes I RP

Hellsing (There'd be a problem if I didn't include this all things considered.)
DC (Mainly street level characters.)
Marvel (Rarely, not too big on it these days tbh.)
Elder Scrolls (Mention ESO and I unfriend you...Probably not actually, though I hate it a bit more then I hate Skyrim. Feel free to ask why.)
Star Trek (Before it's grand butchery.)
Grisaia no Kajitsu
Goblin Slayer
Hotline Miami
Deus Ex
The Witcher
Forgotten Realms
Star Wars (Legends only, it's done everything Disney has but better and isn't a complete Dumpster fire.)
Assassins Creed (Sometimes.)
Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid (Say anything and I bash your head in.)
Castlevania (Original timeline, games and the anime.)
The Legend of Zelda
Ace Attorney
Legacy of Kain

There's more...But my fingers hurt so I'll stop here.
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Goblin Slayer

(Yes, that is his name. I'll change this if his actual name is ever dropped.)

Goblin Slayer was once an ordinary boy in a village. One day, his best friend left to work on a farm for a few days, and the two fought because he couldn't go with her. Later that night, his village was attacked by goblins and everyone he knew was killed.

He hid in his house's basement until nightfall. He sneaked out of the house, seeing all of the corpses, but was attacked by the goblins who hadn't left yet. He was saved from death by a rhea(Think a hafling, or hobbit.); they spent 5 years together before parting ways.

After parting ways, he makes his way to town and walks pass his childhood friend, although he did not speak to her. Upon entering the Adventurer's Guild, he meets the receptionist and requests to register as an adventurer.

As Guild Girl searches for the registration sheets clumsily, he picks up a fallen sheet that seemed to be a Goblin slaying quest. Guild Girl confirms it, and he immediately accepts the quest despite her attempts to dissuade him from going alone.

After filling in the necessary details in the adventure registration sheet, he receives his official adventurer tag and began making preparations to embark on his first goblin-slaying quest.

Goblin Slayer arrives at a cave that has goblins living in it. He fights his way through numerous goblins, but is poisoned in the process. He tires to get his antidote, but discovers the bottle was broken in the fight. Not long after he has to fight a hobgoblin and goblins shaman. He nearly dies but is able to kill the two of them. He goes into the back of the cave to save the captive woman and kill the goblin children.

He returns to the town, where he reunites with his childhood friend, Cow Girl. She is able to convince him to stay at the farm with her and her uncle.


Goblin Slayer is stoic for the most part, calm in most circumstances and simply unable to devote himself to anything outside of preparations to deal with Goblins after the ordeal he went through as a child. Because of this, he lacks the ability to understand certain social norms and doesn't notice the affections of those around him. His companions are working to help him overcome this, but the process isn't easy. Despite this, he has shown that he does care more about keeping others safe than killing goblins, prioritizing the safety of his companions and civilians over his obsession with goblin killing.

His desire to kill Goblins stems from two places: to prevent what happened to his village happening to others and to get revenge by eliminating every single member of their race. To this end, he has a single-minded devotion that has led to him being rigorous in hunting them down, leaving nothing to chance, and he pushes those under his tutelage into being just as prepared to avoid suffering because of a mistake. He will not hesitate to put himself against odds that will all but ensure his death, more than willing to face off against a Goblin Horde of at least 100 in an effort to kill as many as he can before they kill him.

Goblin Slayer also seems interested in learning new ideas from people of all walks of life. He is always looking for new knowledge to absorb, mostly to find more efficient ways of tracking, trapping, and killing goblins.
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Adam Jensen

Adam Jensen was born on March 9, 1993. At a very young age, he was one of a group of infants subjected to experimental genetic therapy treatments by White Helix Labs, a subsidiary of VersaLife. All of the children, aside from Jensen, died as a result of the treatments. Two scientists in charge of Adam found out they had succeeded with him, but had grown too attached to let VersaLife continue experimenting on him. Not wanting any more children to undergo the same treatments, they burned down the facility where the experiments had taken place. They were later murdered by the Illuminati and reported as fire casualties, but their plan worked, and infant Jensen was rescued by a kind-hearted nurse named Michelle Walthers. Walthers was acquainted with a couple who desired a child and at age five he was unofficially adopted by loving parents, Arthur and Margie Jensen.
With his adopted parents, Jensen was raised in a blue-collar neighborhood in Detroit and was a B-average student with no notable youthful indiscretions. Relying solely on Arthur's income, money was always tight for the family; Margie lacked the skills and emotional temperament needed to maintain a job. When Margie lost a job she would pull Adam from school to go on "an adventure" they could not afford--these outings were some of Adam's happiest memories but were also tinged with guilt and uncertainty. He grew up unaware of his origins, and believing that his adopted parents were his birth parents. His relationship with his parents and adopted family appears to have been good as, in Jensen's apartment in Detroit, an old photograph of relatives is seen hanging in the living room. While Jensen does not speak often of his parents, he does mention that his mother sometimes kept him waiting, and would not want to see him in a brothel.

While Jensen had escaped White Helix Labs, its legacy had altered his life forever. Unbeknownst to Walthers, Jensen, or anyone else, the White Helix gene therapy had permanently altered Jensen's biochemistry. His body would not reject PEDOT electrodes with glial tissue buildup; if anything, the bond between tissue and electrode would strengthen with time, possibly without limit. If he were to be augmented, he would not require Neuropozyne. For the thirty years that followed the White Helix experiment, Jensen would unknowingly carry the secret of universal augmentation in his DNA.

As a young man Jensen earned a Bachelor's Degree in Criminal Justice from Phoenix University and Ferris College, according to the framed diplomas in his office. In The Missing Link DLC it is noted that Jensen received an Associates degree in Criminal Justice from the University of Phoenix, Detroit. At the age of 21 he joined the Detroit Police Department. He graduated in the top ten percent of his Police Academy class. In 2018, he joined the Department's SWAT unit and was accepted under the command of Quincy Durant, becoming the leader of Team Two.

During this time period Jensen met Sarif Industries scientist Megan Reed, beginning what would become one of the most important relationships of his life. As of Deus Ex: Human Revolution, Jensen had known Megan Reed for ten years. The two began a romantic relationship in 2019, going so far as to consider "settling down together," before splitting in 2023. The separation was amicable and Jensen and Megan remained friends and shared ownership of their dog, Kubrick.

In 2020, Jensen and Durant confronted Tyrell Banks, an augmented murderer, who severely injured Durant before being killed by Jensen. Durant was saved by augmentation surgery, something he did not agree with philosophically. In the following years, Jensen witnessed and grew concerned with Durant's increasing aggression and corruption growing with his new powers.

Jensen rose quickly through the ranks as part of SWAT Team Two, eventually becoming the commander, but his police career came to an end during an incident known as the Mexicantown Massacre. A young augmented boy was identified as dangerous, and Jensen was given the order to shoot to kill. He refused that order, and it was passed on to another member of Jensen's team, Wayne Haas. It appears that Durant was somehow involved in the incident, as Jensen confronted him just as the riots were calming down. He defeated Durant with an EMP grenade and a bullet in the head, and quit the force soon after. Haas was then promoted into Jensen's vacant slot, though didn't last long under the pressure of guilt concerning the shooting.
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Yuuji Kazami

(Yay, obscure anime/Visual novel character no one here will know about. The joy.)

At first glance, Yuuji Kazami is pretty uninteresting. Talk to him a bit more, and you’ll find that he is well mannered, intelligent and well spoken, though can never seem to shake the scary look in his eyes. He’s casual enough to the point that he won’t use honorifics, and he sincerely tries his hardest to make the girls of Mihama Academy trust him and become his friends. After a few days are spent around Yuuji, he’ll begin to act like his usual self. He’s sarcastic, makes jokes that don’t usually go over very well (his tone of voice and facial features tend to imply that what he’s saying is serious rather than messing around, especially due to the fact that he’s drawn with hosome eyes [eyes that come close to those that we have in the real world] which, in anime-style artworks, depicts a character that is either villainous or an adult) and is very analytical of both the people and places around him. Yuuji is cold, philosophical and minimalistic. It’s implied that the organization he works for, Ichigaya, is very militaristic and thus that kind of lifestyle has been ingrained in Yuuji, who exhibits traits of someone that has spent time in or around the military life.

Frequently throughout the visual novel, Yuuji describes himself as a coward though that doesn’t mean he’s afraid and runs away when it’s convenient. He uses this word to describe himself as the kind of person who plans and scouts before action, and would rather hide away from an enemy than outright engage them even though he has enough hand-to-hand and firearms experience to take down any enemies that he deems physical violence necessary upon.

Due to the PTSD which stems from his childhood, Yuuji has trouble with killing any living things. Whenever he does kill something, he would experience strong nauseous waves and vomit violently. This is also partially to do with the "safety pin" Asako placed on him to keep him from killing. While this "safety pin" remain intact throughout the majority of the series, it is shown that the command can still be overridden to some degree. During his time deployed by the Marines, Justin Mikemayer was able to temporary override the command, allowing him to kill as a mean of protecting his comrades. Also, during Amane and Makina's bad ending, it is shown that if the "safety pin" is being "fiddling around" too much, it may "come loose and fall off" as a result.

Though he is unwilling to kill, Yuuji is hardly a pacifist and is shown numerous times throughout the visual novel engaging in hand-to-hand duels with various enemies, as well as utilizing firearms to take down foes non-lethally. The visual novel’s plot begins because Yuuji has grown tired of being ‘the janitor of the underworld’, meaning that he wishes to lead a normal school life outside of the life he’s led with Ichigaya. Yuuji makes frequent references to his old ‘master’, Asako, who he claims to have had a close relationship with and claims that she is the one who shaped him into the man he is today.

Yuuji is very close to his older sister, Kazuki, as he did not have a close relationship with his parents. Kazuki was a prominent figure in Yuuji's childhood. While Yuuji get jealous of his prodigious sister, he's also very respectful of her. He even go as far as to describe her as his "god", and that her word is absolute, even to his parents. When Kazuki went missing, his life completely falls apart.

Yuuji tends to be the voice of reason among the Mihama Academy residents, though at times he will step off to the side and let things unfold rather than getting directly involved. It is claimed numerous times throughout the common route that Yuuji exhibits tsundere tendencies, and this is true. Though he’s not as full blown about it as, say, Michiru, and not as natural as Yumiko, he still has his moments. These moments tend to crop up either when he’s being teased or when he’s doing something nice for someone, much to his chagrin. Finally, Yuuji doesn’t appear to have a huge sense of self-worth, numerous times throughout the routes and sometimes during the common route wondering why he was the one that was saved and if someone as horrible as him really deserves the right to be loved, or deserves this normal school life that he’s going out for.
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Alucard (Castlevania.)

(The other one.)

As the offspring of an unnatural bond between Dracula and a human woman named Lisa, Adrian had special powers and was destined to be stronger than any human but not potentially as strong as his father. After Lisa was killed, having been mistaken for a witch, Adrian grew up under the influence of his father, whence he was taught in the dark arts and molded into a warrior who would one day fight for the side of evil.

Adrian's existence did not come without quirks, as the gentle, human side of his mother always seemed to cloud his "better judgement", as Dracula would have put it. At her death, Adrian was by his mother's side. She insisted that he not take his anger at her death out on the humans, as their lives are already full of hardship. With those words, she had a profound influence on Adrian's thinking. His mind wandered as he questioned his father's will. After standing by for as long as he could, he broke away from his father's army and disappeared. Understanding that Dracula was going to impose his wrath on the people, Adrian would turn his efforts toward destroying his father's army, hopefully encouraging him to reconsider. Furthermore, he chose to go under the name "Alucard" — Dracula's name in reverse — to represent that he stood for beliefs opposite those of his father.
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