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35 / Male / Single
United States
I see you've taken the time to glance at my profile. Very well, I suppose I should offer some details about myself, or rather what I RP and the like, does anyone truly care about the former? I think not.

First and foremost, contrary to the name, I do not exclusively play Anti-Hero type characters. I just couldn't think up a better name to be honest.

Ero/Sm*t theme'd RP's are fine, so long as there is some semblance to plot or it is 'that' good. There are only so many ways one can describe those particular acts before it becomes nothing more then repeating what has previously been said.

I do not and will not write original universes or characters, I might write 'with' the latter, but I will be hesitant to do so.

Crossovers are completely fine. So long as they make sense of course. Some things don't mesh well with each other.

I can go from one liners to multiple paragraphs. That last one is much preferred of course.

I play several characters, some will be within my blog, though I do not exclusively play them. Feel free to inquire about characters from any of the universes I'll list in the very same place.

(Here's a link to it since I'm such a sweet heart

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She yawns softly brushing her hand against her hair, “I guess you’ll just have to wait and see if that answer will be yes.”
Feb 9th 2019 04:13

“Hm...” She hummed softly before responding to him, “I know very well what you mean.” She smiles, “But will you have the chance to~?” She says in a bit of amusement.
Feb 9th 2019 04:02

“mhm~ my pleasure Sir.” Smiles softly tilting her head to the side a bit. “I’m Mimi it’s nice to meet you too.”
Feb 9th 2019 03:38