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19 / Female / Single
United States

This is going to be long, I’d appreciate it if you took the time to read it all but I understand if you don’t want to. At the very least read my rules:

Okay here goes the long intro. Hello! My name is Annie and I’m glad that you took the time to check out my profile! I’ll start off by explaining the 5 roleplays thing at the top. I don’t have a lot of time to be doing multiple roleplays at once, I do have a job and that eats up a decent amount of time. So because of this I am looking to see if I can find up to 5 amazing roleplay partners that will put in effort to our roleplay. I’ll explain more of what I hope to find in later paragraphs!

I consider myself a literate writer, I enjoy longer stories that have a wide mixture of genres. I request that you give at least a healthy paragraph as a reply since I tend to write between para and novella. I’m going to be honest and say that if you type less than a paragraph I probably won’t find our roleplay interesting and won’t want to continue it. I really do need an in depth story to get into it and want to continue writing it.

Original stories are important to me. I think it’s alright if you bring in ideas from fandoms and such I just dislike having to stick strictly to a story that’s already been told. I prefer to let our imaginations run wild and see what we come up with. If you use a character from an already existing fandom or universe that is perfectly fine just don’t expect me to know everything about that character already. I will play OC characters that I create specifically for each story.

Discussion is key. Before starting a roleplay I need to discuss it first. Mostly I need to know the genres, setting, and who are characters are. It doesn’t need to be in depth so that there is something to learn through the story, though a name and some basics on their personality is important. I will create my character for every roleplay. And it doesn’t hurt to have an idea on how our characters might meet. I am also always willing to make the starter as long as we’ve discussed thoroughly. Please make sure to add your own input to the discussion as well, nothing is more disappointing than having to do all of the work and make the story all on my own. If I wanted to write a story on my own I wouldn’t be asking for a partner.

As far as genres go I am open to most anything. ROMANCE IS A MUST. I am a huge romantic at heart so this genre is very important to me and helps keep me interested in the story. However, I don’t really care for the love at first sight thing. I love depth and having our characters fall in love slowly. I love the idea of our characters seeing not only the beauty in one another but also the deep secrets they might hold so that they together can learn to love each other no matter any flaws.This way, no matter what happens, they can face it. Sappy I know, but I love it. As far as other genres I’m open to just about anything. However, furry suicide/selfharm incest are genres/subjects I dislike or can not handle. And I will not write a roleplay that is strictly sexual, there may be parts that are for character development but story is most important to me. (Also I am pansexual so everyone is welcome!)

I think that’s it, if you actually read all of this then thank you so much! I really appreciate it! You deserve a cookie of your choosing! I hope after reading this you’ll consider sending a friend request my way and we can discuss a possible roleplay!