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18 / Female / Single and Looking
La La Land, Texas - United States
Maid Service!
"I hate it when you leave, but I love it when you walk away."

I'm playing my character, a maid if that wasn't clear. I'm pansexual with no lean. (dom f*tas are a favorite tho)
To get to the point, I'm great at roleplay, but I'm trying to get better at erp/drp. Anyone interested in helping me out?

Also I'm picky with my writing style and who I roleplay with, so don't feel discourage if i say no to a roleplay or stop roleplaying it. It's not you it's me.

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5  Jan 3rd 2021 01:46

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good morning annie! missed you yesterday :(
Dec 4th 2020 12:40

goooood afternoon lovely
Dec 3rd 2020 16:36

frick i do-
Dec 2nd 2020 18:08

good evening bb
Dec 2nd 2020 17:43

haha hello love
Dec 1st 2020 11:09