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(Annabeth Heart)
19 / Female / Engaged
My snapchat is Dawn200198. I am taken.

Latest Status

I'm back now guys sorry for being gone for so long life kinda went all over the place but I am now gunna be here
Mood: relaxed
1  May 18th 2020 21:57

Latest Questions

Q. Umm,.. you there?
A. Yes sorry didn't get a notification
 Apr 28th 2020 23:19

Latest Comments

Guess what, I think I finally figured out how to continue The Dragons which I'm going to go work on right now!! :D
Apr 26th 2020 19:57

Here's the video I promised. :)

Apr 22nd 2020 20:32

You need to turn on the subtitles but poor little baby. :'(
Apr 17th 2020 18:42

I had to shorten the description but here you go!! :D
Apr 14th 2020 20:32

No problem. :)
Apr 14th 2020 14:25

I might be on the phone first as well,.. but working on the fanfic might give me some ideas of how to continue our roleplay. :)
Apr 14th 2020 14:23

I just thought I would tell you that I'm going to get something to eat then I'm going to start working on the very first chapter of "The Dragons!!" :D
Apr 14th 2020 14:11

Here's the summary for my future fic entitled "The Dragons."

Twenty years before the birth of the boy who lived, there was another famous wizard by the name of Aaron Parker who formed a singing group with his friends that would soon lead them to superstardom. However, after Aaron finds that he can no longer live a normal life, he decides to leave the spotlight forever. Until along the way he finds love, and an evil group of girls named The Dragonettes who want to destroy The Dragons permanently.
Apr 13th 2020 20:05

gtg see ya
Nov 10th 2019 22:08