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(Prince Albert)
23 / Male / Single and Looking
London , United Kingdom
Hi I’m Prince Albert

Name:Prince Albert

Info: Prince Albert use to be c*cky prince now that his calm down inherited by his father of being royal son has travelled round the world to do studies various locations after his father disappears out of nowhere his mom look after him the right to rule teaching Albert how to be royal prince as he has meet girls during festive ball season of Christmas as prince invites everyone to his palace

History: Albert father was once a king ruling his kingdom long years have they had peace no one knows what happened to Prince Albert dad which devasted to find out his missing , his mom meet his dad at royal ball they had fallen in love until Albert was born into the world researching and doing studies round the world now that his prince everything falls responsibility on him along with his kingdom Everyone is welcome.

Personality: chilled and outgoing, hopeless romance , mysterious

Hobbies: working out, hunting , reading , travelling the world , parties

Likes: cute boys and girls , chocolate, music , poetry , travelling around the world, stars

Dislikes: thunderstorms , Liars , cheaters , affairs , transphobic, homophobic

Sexuality: Bi-sexual leans more towards both genders

R/S: single and looking for prince or queen

21 + romance and n*fw light theme MxM , MxF, FxF

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