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18 / Female / Forever Alone
United States
Not taking any more requests until further notice.

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Q. thank you :) i'm sorry for the lack of replies. haven't felt a lot of interest in rping atm
A. Nah, you're good. Me neither, tbh, for most rps at least. Life does that to you sometimes
 Jan 21st 2020 21:30

Q. yeah im much the same. tough times lately
A. Mmhm. Hope your times get better soon though!
 Jan 21st 2020 21:24

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Hey, please answer to me
Mar 30th 2020 18:20

Can we continue now?
Mar 16th 2020 00:10

Mar 1st 2020 16:32

Oh, I’m sorry to hear that, I was just so excited to continue. I guess I’ll just continue waiting because I’m really loving the plot and really wanted to try more...
Jan 28th 2020 13:32

Hey did I do something wrong? Or you are just not interested right now? It's been a while
Jan 27th 2020 22:53

Is everything ok?
Jan 26th 2020 00:29

Oh, ok then. Well, anyways if you need anything or anybody to talk with, you can text me anytime. I’ll continue waiting for when you are feeling more motivated. I hope things get better soon.
Jan 14th 2020 23:08

I’m sorry, anything I can do to help? To help you feel better so motivation returns? :3
Jan 14th 2020 22:44

Hey. I saw that you said you were sick. I hope you get to feeling better soon!
Dec 29th 2019 12:35

Dec 9th 2019 11:37