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18 / Female / Engaged
California - United States
**WE LIKE OLDER MEN (Not too old though)**
So don't come through trying to get us to roleplay with your younger character because we're not interested boo boo!

Happily engaged to @GangLord. He's the only one for me. We have a baby already and another one on the way ((too soon I know, but who cares)) I love you so much baby and thank you for sticking with me although I'm always jumping to conclusions haha. That's how I stay fit ;)
~Brieseda Duarte

Latest Status

((I miss you))
Mood: sad
7  Oct 22nd 2020 22:57

Latest Questions

Q. I hope you feel better soon!!! I love you *kisses*
A. Thank you love! Appreciate it
 14 hours ago

GangLord asked the question
Q. I think you are very busy with work these days, right? You don't even get online on your break.
A. I actually didn't go to work today. I got sick over the weekend and took today off to rest. Sorry. I tried to be active for a bit today but I wasn't feeling so well
 14 hours ago

Latest Comments

Love you sexy!
Oct 26th 2020 22:45

I swear I wasn't ignoring you these past few days, I was in the hospital.
Oct 26th 2020 16:54

I'm glad you are
Oct 25th 2020 17:20

How's it going beautiful
Oct 25th 2020 14:17

I can give you a massage in the rp as well
Oct 22nd 2020 22:44

How about a massage
Oct 22nd 2020 22:41

Hey hope your day is going well
Oct 22nd 2020 20:59

I love you so much, baby girl!
Oct 22nd 2020 10:26

But talking to you is way better
Oct 20th 2020 15:08

It's good better then I expect
Oct 20th 2020 15:03